Sample environment

Experiment position 2 has connections for gas supply. The gas bottles are located outside the instrument bunk. For experiments with hydrogen a hydrogen sensor that closes the gas supply upon leakage.

For experiments that produce exhaust gases there is a special ventilation hose which is connected to the filtered ventilation system of the building. The capacity is about 60m3/h.

Some experiments require external cooling. A closed water loop is provided at ICON for this purpose.

An outlet for pressurized air (6 bar, dry) is installed near experiment position 2.

There are several ways to connect the experiment to the control room. This allows the user to interact with the sample remotely.

  • Electrical power AC 230V (some sockets are switched from the control room), 400V.
  • Ethernet connections (Local instrument LAN only).
  • RS232 connection to the control room.
  • Signal connections with BNC connectors.