Strain controlled the ground state of strongly correlated systems

In strongly correlated systems competing orders lead to rich phase diagrams comprising superconductivity, magnetic, charge or orbital order. The underlying interactions are of similar size and small changes in tuning parameters like temperature, magnetic field, doping or pressure can alter the ground state of these materials. Uniaxial pressure holds the opportunity to explore pressure tuned phase diagrams for positive (compression) as well as negative (tensile strain) pressures.


The aim of this project is to develop uniaxial strain devices for scattering instruments and μSR.


  • performing test and calibration experiments with a stress-strain devices
  • programming an automated control system

NUM laboratory: Laboratory for Neutron and Muon Instrumentation LIN

Contact person: Dr. Marek Bartkowiak, email, phone: +41-56-310-4731 or Dr. Marc Janoschek, email, phone: +41-56-310-4987

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