Magnetic-Field Control of Topological Electronic Response near Room Temperature in Correlated Kagome Magnets

Strongly correlated kagome magnets are promising candidates for achieving controllable topological devices owing to the rich interplay between inherent Dirac fermions and correlation-driven magnetism. Here we report tunable local magnetism and its intriguing control of topological electronic response near room temperature in the kagome magnet Fe3Sn2 using small angle neutron scattering, muon spin rotation, and magnetoresistivity measurement techniques. The average bulk spin direction and magnetic domain texture can be tuned effectively by small magnetic fields. Magnetoresistivity, in response, exhibits a measurable degree of anisotropic weak localization behavior, which allows the direct control of Dirac fermions with strong electron correlations. Our work points to a novel platform for manipulating emergent phenomena in strongly correlated topological materials relevant to future applications.