Discovery of Charge Order and Corresponding Edge State in Kagome Magnet FeGe

Kagome materials often host exotic quantum phases, including spin liquids, Chern gap, charge density wave, and superconductivity. Existing scanning microscopy studies of the kagome charge order have been limited to nonkagome surface layers. Here, we tunnel into the kagome lattice of FeGe to uncover features of the charge order. Our spectroscopic imaging identifies a 2 × 2 charge order in the magnetic kagome lattice, resembling that discovered in kagome superconductors. Spin mapping across steps of unit cell height demonstrates the existence of spin-polarized electrons with an antiferromagnetic stacking order. We further uncover the correlation between antiferromagnetism and charge order anisotropy, highlighting the unusual magnetic coupling of the charge order. Finally, we detect a pronounced edge state within the charge order energy gap, which is robust against the irregular shape fluctuations of the kagome lattice edges. We discuss our results with the theoretically considered topological features of the kagome charge order including unconventional magnetism and bulk-boundary correspondence.