Coexisting multiple order parameters in single-layer LuMnO3 films

Sketch of a ferroic triangle showing the relation and techniques with which the ferroic orders, FM, AFM, and FE, and their mutual coupling have been established. The experimental techniques written in black letters (polarized neutron reflectometry, PNR; resonant soft x-ray diffraction, SXRD; x-ray diffraction, XRD) to identify ferroic properties have been reported elsewhere [22, 24]. Magnetization, susceptibility, μSR, neutron diffraction, and electrical polarization are reported.

Magnetoelectric multiferroics hold great promise for electrical control of magnetism or magnetic control of ferroelectricity. However, single phase ferroelectric materials with a sizeable ferromagnetic magnetization are rare. Here, we demonstrate that a single-phase orthorhombic LuMnO3 thin film features coexisting magnetic and ferroelectric orders. The temperature dependence of the different order parameters are presented with ferromagnetic order appearing below 100 K and thus at much higher temperatures than ferroelectricity or antiferromagnetism (TN, TFE ≤ 40K).