Magnetic Metal-Organic Frameworks studied by neutron diffraction

Metal-Organic Frameworks are crystalline, hybrid organic-inorganic materials. Their crystal structures are extremely varied, and in some cases contain dense inorganic subnetworks able to promote collective magnetic phases. The rich arrangements of magnetic ions found in these compounds can be a source of new phenomena that may not be stabilized in purely inorganic materials. Here we will investigate complex magnetic orders originating from frustrated magnetic interactions, eventually giving rise to magnetoelectric multiferroics. The main tool is neutron diffraction, using powder or small single-crystal samples. Measurements of low temperature macroscopic properties, such as magnetization or dielectric constants, will be also a part of the project.


NUM laboratory: Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging LNS

Contact person: Dr. Romain Sibille, email, phone: +41-56-310-3580

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