Applied Materials Group

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Neutron Imaging and Engineering Diffraction

The Applied Materials Group (AMG) is a group within the Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging LNS, in the division research with Neutrons and Muons NUM of PSI. AMG is operating 2 dedicated neutron imaging facilities and the neutron strain scanner (diffractometer) POLDI for users from scientific institutions and industry. Neutron radiography is complementary to X-ray radiography due to differences in radiation matter interaction. Neutrons interact with the atomic nucleus, whereas X-rays as electromagnetic radiation rather interact with the electrons. For strain scanning this also enables access deep into the bulk of engineering materials and geological samples. AMG also provides complementary x-ray imaging (in-situ bi-modal) and has dedicated beamtimes for imaging studies at the test beamline BOA providing an intense cold polarized neutron beam.

Imaging Facilities
NEUTRA Radiography / tomography with thermal Maxwellian spectrum Optional 320kV X-ray tube, NEURAP setup for highly activated samples.
ICON Radiography / tomography with cold neutron spectrum Micro-tomography, Energy selective imaging, Grating interferometry.
BOA Radiography / tomography with polarized cold neutron spectrum Micro-tomography, Energy selective imaging, Grating interferometry, Polarized neutron imaging.    
Strain Scanning Diffractometer
POLDI Strain Scanning TOF diffraction with multiple pulse overlap.

Industrial Services

Neutron imaging, strain scanning and activation for proprietary use are offered on a commercial base. Please contact the Applied Materials Group industry responsible or PSI Technology Transfer.

We collaborate with the EMPA Center for X-ray Analytics

EMPA Center for X-ray Analytics, Duebendorf, Switzerland


Neutron matter interaction data i.e. cross-sections at thermal neutron energy, evaluated data files, linear attenuation coefficients.