Thomas Rohrbach

Thomas Rohrbach

Group leader and apprentice trainer

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Vocational Education Training

For technicians in chemistry, the vocational training program lasts three years. Three apprentices are employed by PSI per year in this professional direction. Therefore nine chemical technician apprentices are regularly present in our group.
The training consists of different parts. The apprentices learn the theoretical basics at the vocational school in Aarau. The essential practical education takes place at the PSI internal teaching laboratory and in multiple practical courses carried out by the vocational school. Furthermore, the apprentices collect detailed practical experience in nine different research laboratories at the PSI. These laboratories are located in several different divisions as Biology and Chemistry (BIO), Energy and Environment (ENE) and Radiation Safety and Security (ASI). The laboratory areas are changed every year in a rotation principle. During the practical training, the apprentices prepare and execute experiments, perform analyses and carry out organic syntheses.

Our group is responsible for the vocational education training of technicians in chemistry. However the versatile work performed at the Institute enables apprentices to be trained in the most varied professions. At the moment, PSI is training about 100 apprentices in 15 professions. You can find more about training for a profession (in German) at PSI using this link.

Chemical Management

The Chemical Management provides its services for all departments at PSI. The main tasks are purchasing, storage and disposing of chemicals. All activities are performed under consideration of safety and financial aspects.

Laboratory Support

The laboratory support team is responsible for autoclaving biological waste, preparing media, maintaining cell cultures and providing consumables for the Laboratories Biomolecular Research (LBR) and Nanoscale Biology (LNB).

First Year


Second year


Third year