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Completed Projects

Name Project University/Scope Supervisor(s) Year
Jung, Byungho PWR structures activation forecasts using Monte Carlo neutron transport simulation ETHZ-EPFL/MSc A. Vasiliev (M. Pecchia)
Westlund, M. Monte Carlo simulations of Bowing effects using realistic fuel data in nuclear fuel assemblies Uppsala University/MSc D. Rochman
Di Pierno, L. Development of a CAD Fluid Model for the PKL facility ETHZ/Trainee R. Mukin
Li, Jiahzhi Simulations of Bowing Effects on Isotopic Inventories for Simplified Pin, Assembly and Full Core Models EPFL/MSc D. Rochman
Savelli, R. Validation of PSI Fluence Methodology for Long-Term Irradiated Dosimeter Capsules ETHZ-EPFL/MSc A. Vasiliev
Janin, G. Development of optimal micro/macroscopic cross-section model for a transport pin-by-pin solver ETHZ-EPFL/MSc P. Mala
Guo, W. Development of TRACE/CAD Methodology for System Code Nodalization ETHZ-EPFL/MSc I. Clifford
Nguyen Van Ho, R. Nuclear Data Uncertainty Propagation for LWR Fuel Assembly Lattices PHELMA-U. Seoul/Trainee O. Leray
Ryu, M. Development and Refinements of nTRACER U. Seoul/NE MSc S. Canepa (H. Ferroukhi)
Yao, H. Thermal-Hydraulic Simulation of Rig-Of-Safety Assessment Tests in Large Scale Test Facility using Updated TRACE Code ETHZ-EPFL/MSc I. Clifford
Zhang, D. Bundle Reconstruction History Method for Direct Whole Core Calculations with the Code nTRACER ETHZ-EPFL/MSc S. Canepa
Guo, Z. Simulation of Irradiation Damage in Chromium-doped LWR Fuel ETHZ-EPFL/MSc M. Krack (R. Ngayam-Happy)
Chunyan, L. Development and Optimization of Fast Solution Algorithms for the Fuel Depletion Equations ETHZ-EPFL/MSc P. Mala
Perrier, H. Development of Hybrid CASMO/SERPENT Deterministic/Stochastic Fuel Depletion Scheme ETHZ-EPFL/MSc M. Pecchia (O. Leray, H. Ferroukhi)
Dupre, A. Modelling and Validation Enhancements of the PSI Fast Neutron Fluence MCNPX based Computational Scheme using recent KKG Experimental Data ETHZ-EPFL/MSc A. Vasiliev
Rossinelli, L. Assessment of SERPENT for BWR Lattice Modelling and Development of Coupling to SIMULATE-3 Code ETHZ-EPFL/MSc M. Hursin (H. Ferroukhi)
Zhou, Q. Validation of CFD Solvers for Buoyancy Driven Flows on the basis of ROCOM Tests ETHZ-EPFL/MSc R. Puragliesi (O. Zerkak)
Bogetic, S. Development and Verification of TRACE/PARCS Methodology for analyses of the Swiss Reactors ETHZ-EPFL/MSc M. Hursin (A. Dokhane, H. Ferroukhi)
Demeshko, M. Development and Verification of CSARMA Noise Analysis Method for BWR Causality Osaka U./Trainee A. Dokhane (H. Ferroukhi)
Li, S. CFD Simulations of Boiling and Natural Circulation in Passice Containment Condenser System Pools NPIC/IAEA Fellow R. Puragliesi
nigam, A. Modelling and Validation of COBRA-TF Sub-Channel Code for OECD/NEA BFBT Benchmark MSc EMINE/Trainee C. Adamson
Wicaksono, D. Comparative Study of Monte-Carlo Code Systems for LWR Fuel Depletion ETHZ-EPFL/Trainee A. Vasiliev (H. Ferroukhi)
Wicaksono, D. Development and Asssement of Advanced Temporal Coupling Schemes for TRACE/S3K Analyses ETHZ-EPFL/MSc O. Zerkak
Zvoncek, P. Numerical Methods for Nuclear Design Optimization of LWR Assemblies with Inert-Matrix Fuel ETHZ-EPFL/Trainee W. Wieselquist (H. Ferroukhi)
Belaid, S. Modelling and Validation of System Thermal-Hydraulic Codes for Experiments at Integral Test Facilities IAEA Fellow/Trainee J. Freixa
Dufresne, A. Development of MCNPX-based Computational Scheme for Reference Numerical Estimations of High-Energy PWR Control Rod Tip Fluence ETHZ-EPFL/MSc H. Ferroukhi (A. Vasiliev)
Gudmundsson, P. Study of minimal requirements for thermal-hydraulics/neutronics mapping schemes in BWR ATWS Simulations ETHZ/MSc K. Nikitin
Bernatowicz, K. Trend Analysis of PWR Core Modelling Accuracy U. Gdansk/Trainee W. Wieselquist (H. Ferroukhi)
Pittarello, R. Monte Carlo analysis of RPV dosimetry experiments ETHZ-EPFL/MSc A. Vasiliev
Gupta, A. Modelling of KKG Steam Generator using TRACE IIT Kharagpur/MSc W. Barten
Kalfuss, L. Simulation of a HALDEN-LOCA experiment with the thermohydraulic code TRACE TU-Dresden/MSc Y. Aounallah