A Unique and "Swiss Quality" Labelled Nuclear Simulation Competence Centre

The vision of STARS is to be THE leading national TSO unit with world-class reputation and who through its "Swiss Simulation Platform"

provides a unique computational capability at or beyond state-of-the-art and always at disposition for its partners to obtain the most reliable, objective, prompt and useful answers to challenging questions of high safety and/or operational relevance;

sets the international standard for validation strategies and rigorous qualification procedures of complex multi-physics multi-scale computational schemes combined with uncertainty quantifications;

acts as focal point where basic research meet safety analysis such that theoretical knowledge gained from first-principle simulations and/or experiments at large scale facilities converge into practical enhancements of nuclear safety analysis methodologies;

constitutes the most attractive education framework for students strongly motivated by conducting challenging academic projects with close relationships to practical relevance and to nuclear safety best practices and standards.