HRPT High resolution powder diffractometer (thermal neutrons)
DMC Powder diffractometer (cold neutrons)
ZEBRA 4-circle Diffractometer (thermal neutrons)
POLDI Multiple pulse overlap diffractometer (thermal neutrons)
ORION Two-axis diffractometer (cold neutrons)

Small-angle scattering instruments
SANS-I Small-angle neutron scattering camera, 40m (cold neutrons)
SANS-II Small-angle neutron scattering camera, 12m (cold neutrons)

AMOR Apparatus for multi optional reflectometry (cold neutrons)
MORPHEUS 2-axes neutron diffractometer & reflectometer, zero-field spin-echo as future option (cold neutrons)
NARZISS Polarized neutron reflectometer

FOCUS Time-of-flight spectrometer (cold neutrons), in collaboration with the Saarland University, Saarbrücken
RITA-II Triple-axis spectrometer (cold neutrons, PSI-Risø cooperation)
TASP 3-axis spectrometer (polarized cold neutrons)
EIGER Triple-axis spectrometer (thermal neutrons)
MARS Mica analyzer high resolution time-of-flight backscattering spectrometer (cold neutrons)

Non-diffractive instruments
NEUTRA Neutron radiography facility (thermal neutrons)
ICON Instrument for Cold Neutron Radiography
BOA Beamline for Neutron Optics and other Approaches
PNA Isotope production stringer (thermal neutrons)
NAA Neutron activation analysis (thermal neutrons)

Special installations
MuPAD MU-metal polarisation analysis device
N-Microscope High spatial resolution neutron imaging instrument
ECHO Ultra Small Angle Neutron Scattering option on MORPHEUS