Research with Neutrons and Muons (NUM)

The NUM division performs world-class research with neutrons and muons to explore and understand matter and materials. The NUM division operates and develops the Swiss Spallation Neutron Source SINQ, the Ultra-cold Neutron Source UCN, the Swiss Muon Source SμS and the facilities for particle physics at the Paul Scherrer Institute and is one of the five PSI research divisions.

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Latest News

12 October 2017

Frustratingly disordered

A study of how disorder affects a ‘frustrated’ magnet reveals a surprising robustness of the underlying quantum many-body state, and provides evidence for emerging quantum phenomena induced by disorder.

10 October 2017

From golden emperor to filled Buddha

With PSI's neutron beams, metal objects can be rendered transparent. This helps archaeologists not only to see what is hidden in the hollow spaces of the artefacts — with support from PSI scientists, they can also gain insights into how such ancient artefacts were made and how they can be preserved for posterity.

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