Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Fall Semester 2017

Time: 16:00

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
21.09.17 WHGA/001 N. Leroy Gravitational Wave Detectors opening a new Window on the Universe LAL Orsay M. Ghezzi Abstract
28.09.17 WHGA/001 F. Thielemann Stellar Origins of the Heaviest Elements Basel University M. Ghezzi Abstract
05.10.17 WHGA/001 R. Loveridge Towards a Digital Building Culture NCCR M. Ghezzi Abstract
12.10.17 WHGA/001 E. Gschwendtner AWAKE, the Advanced Proton Driven Plasmas Wakefield Experiment at CERN CERN M. Ghezzi Abstract
19.10.17 WHGA/001 M. Laine Quantum Statistical Physics of Dark Matter Freeze-Out Bern University M. Ghezzi Abstract
26.10.17 OSGA/E06 T. Teubner g-2 of the Muon: the next Round Liverpool University M. Ghezzi Abstract
09.11.17 WBGB/019 M. Doser Measuring the Gravitational Interaction between Matter and Antimatter CERN M. Pruna/M. Ghezzi Abstract
23.11.17 WHGA/001 C. Sachrajda Precision Flavour Physics and Lattice QCD: A Path to Discovering New Physics Southampton University M. Pruna/M. Spira Abstract
30.11.17 WHGA/001 S. Altieri Research in Neutron Capture Therapy at University of Pavia Pavia University M. Ghezzi Abstract
07.12.17 WHGA/001 W. Ootani International Linear Collider (ILC) - Project Status and Plan Tokyo University M. Ghezzi/A. Papa Abstract
14.12.17 OSGA/E06 M. Bartelmann The World according to Planck Heidelberg University M. Ghezzi Abstract
18.12.17 OSGA/E06 U. Nierste Precision Studies in Flavour Physics: a Gateway to new Laws of Nature KIT A. Crivellin/M. Ghezzi Abstract