Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Fall Semester 2018

Time: 16:00

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
20.09.18 WHGA/001 A. Laszlo General Relativity Experiment with frozen Spin (EDM) Rings Wigner RCP (Budapest) P. Schmidt-Wellenburg Abstract
27.09.18 OSGA/E06 D. Barney The High Granularity Calorimeter Upgrade Project for CMS CERN M. Ghezzi/R. Horisberger Abstract
04.10.18 WHGA/001 S. Procureur High-definition Muography, or how fundamental Physics can help to see through a Pyramid CEA C. Gnendiger Abstract
11.10.18 WHGA/001 L. Shchutska Searches for New Physics in Exotic Signatures at the LHC ETHZ M. Spira Abstract
18.10.18 OSGA/E06 A. Ilderton Quantum physics in intense laser fields Plymouth University A. Signer/M. Ghezzi Abstract
25.10.18 WBGB/019 C. Brukner Time and Causality in Quantum Physics Vienna University C. Gnendiger Abstract
08.11.18 OSGA/E06 W. Krasny The Gamma Factory for CERN: conceptual Foundation, Feasibility Studies and Research Opportunities LPNHE C. Gnendiger Abstract
15.11.18 OSGA/E06 P. Van Duppen In-gas-jet laser ionization spectroscopy of heavy elements KU Leuven C. Gnendiger Abstract
22.11.18 WHGA/001 H. Wittig Exploring the Limits of the Standard Model Mainz University M. Ghezzi/M. Spira Abstract
29.11.18 WHGA/001 R. Nichol ANITA: Searching for Neutrinos and New Physics in Antarctica UCL E. Bagnaschi Abstract
06.12.18 WHGA/001 F. Rathmann Electric dipole moment searches using storage rings FZ Jülich K. Kirch Abstract
13.12.18 WHGA/001 A. Rajantie Magnetic Monopoles - Theory and Experiment Imperial College London E. Bagnaschi Abstract