Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Spring Semester 2018

Time: 16:00

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
22.02.18 WHGA/001 P. Riedler The ALICE ITS upgrade - Monolithic Pixel Detectors for LHC CERN M. Ghezzi Abstract
01.03.18 WHGA/001 F. Suekane Neutrino Oscillation and other Quantum Oscillations RCNS Tohoku University / APC CNRS M. Spira/T. Iwamoto Abstract
08.03.18 WHGA/001 W. Krasny cancelled !! LPNHE, Sorbonne University, CERN C. Gnendiger Abstract
15.03.18 WHGA/001 W. Benz The CHEOPS Mission: Goals and Challenges Bern University M. Ghezzi Abstract
22.03.18 WHGA/001 H. Wittig cancelled !! Mainz University M. Ghezzi/M. Spira Abstract
12.04.18 WHGA/001 M. Shaposhnikov Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe: a Window to Physics beyond the Standard Model EPFL M. Ghezzi Abstract
19.04.18 WHGA/001 F. Schlunegger Development and scientific Application of Nuclear Emulsion Particle Detectors to geological Problems Bern University C. Gnendiger Abstract
26.04.18 OSGA/E06 G. Isidori Hints of Physics beyond the Standard Model in the Flavour Sector Zurich University M. Ghezzi Abstract
03.05.18 WHGA/001 G. Sarri Ultra-intense Lasers: the ideal Tool for the Study of Matter under extreme Conditions Belfast University C. Gnendiger Abstract
17.05.18 WHGA/001 A. Lindner Axion searches at DESY DESY Hamburg C. Gnendiger Abstract
24.05.18 OSGA/E06 M. Arndt Matter-wave interferometry with large molecules and massive nanoparticles Vienna University C. Gnendiger Abstract
21.06.18 WHGA/001 G. Smith Final Results from the Jefferson Lab Qweak Experiment and Constraints on Physics Beyond the Standard Model Jefferson Lab P. Schmidt-Wellenburg Abstract