Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology (LNB)

The Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology (LNB) investigates the molecular structure and dynamics of complex molecular machines and cascades within the context of the living cell. Technological developments at the PSI provide novel approaches for studying fundamental, molecular processes of life within their physiological context. Electron diffraction and cryo-electron microscopy of bio-molecular complexes form the technological basis of the LNB, together with electron tomography and X-ray diffractive imaging of larger, nanoscopic structures. We develop these technologies in studies of fundamental, molecular aspects of neuro-degeneration and cell motility, and investigate other fundamental processes of life in collaboration. Intellectual property on novel technologies developed at the LNB may lead to commercial spin-outs.

A more detailed description of the LNB can be found here.

LNB research topics and support activities


Novel technologies for visualising the atomic structures within the cell.

Cellular Structure Imaging

Cryo-EM and electron/X-ray tomography of cellular structure

Structural Biology Neuronal Systems

Molecular neurobiology of fundamental responses to protein misfolding

Electron Microscopy and Diffraction