529-0455-00L - Micro- and Nanostructures
Laser Applications in Industry and Research

Semester Autumn Semester
Lecturers T. Lippert
Periodicity yearly course
ECTS Points 2 ECTS Points can be obtained (1)
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Time 10:00-12:00 (start at 9:45 with a possible break of 15 min.)
Location HCI D2
Lecture Notes Will be handed out at the first lecture (free of charge)
Date 2016 Topic Lecturer
September 28 Laser-History and Introduction T. Lippert
October 05 Micro- and Nanotechnology: an overview T. Lippert
October 12 Lithography C. W. Schneider
October 19 Non-Optical Lithography and Photoresists I T. Lippert
October 26 Photoresists II and Laser Cutting/Welding T. Lippert
November 02 Laser Cutting/Welding and Drilling T. Lippert
November 09 Laser Cleaning T. Lippert
November 16 Laser Ablation as Dry Etching Technique T. Lippert
November 23 Laser Ablation of Polymers T. Lippert
November 30 Laser Ablation of Polymers Designed for Ablation C. W. Schneider
December 07 Laser Spectroscopy, Lasers and Surfaces I T. Lippert
December 14 Lasers and Surfaces II T. Lippert
December 21 Thin Films T. Lippert

1: Oral exam (30 min) for obtaining the credit points