Vacuum Nanoelectronics

We have been studying all-metal field emitter array (FEA) cathode [1-14] as a potential high current and high brilliance electron source for advanced accelerator applications e.g. X-ray free electron lasers such as SwissFEL [15], requiring stringent cathode specs: high current (200 pC in 10 ps), low normalized transverse emittance (0.4 mm-mrad), and compatibility with the high acceleration electric field in the order of 100 MV/m.

For that, we have proposed the double-gate nanotip FEAs with surface-plasmon-enhanced laser-induced field emission: electrons from 1 million nanotips are produced by near infrared laser pulses, of which optical electric field is enhanced via the surface-plasmon-polariton resonance of the cupper-double-gate structure and the lightening rod effect at the molybdenum nanotip apexes.

The double-gate FEAs with the demonstrated collimation capability are expected to open up new electron beam applications including micro electron microscope, sub-THz and THz vacuum electronic power amplifiers, ultra-compact mass spectrometers, compact X-ray sources, parallel e-beam lithography tools, etc.

In collaboration with the University of Hamburg, we also conduct research directing to developing the brightest, next generation electron sources, for atomically resolving the structure-function correlation in biological systems to directly observe biology in action at atomic level.


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Vacuum Nanoelectronics collaborations

Chiwon Lee (wth Max-Planck Institute)
Soichiro Tsujino, Dr. (Group Leader)
V. Guzenko, Dr., (LMN, Electron-beam lithography)
M. Paraliev, Dr. (GFA, HF and HV)
T. Feurer, Prof. Dr. (University of Bern)
R. J. D. Miller, Prof. Dr. (Max Plank Research Dept., Univ. Hamburg and Univ. Toronto)

Former members

Mahta Monshipouri, Dr.
Anna Mustonen, Dr.
Patrick Helfenstein, Dr.
Prat Das Kanungo, Dr.
Youngjin Oh, Dr.
Christian Spreu
Eugenie Kirk, Dr.
Thomas Vogel