Development of Ultrasonic Acoustic Levitation Diffractometer

Ultrasonic acoustic levitation diffractometer (ALD) is a novel tool for protein crystallography experiments combining the acoustic levitation, fast-frame-rate X-ray image detector, and high-brightness X-ray source. We aim at realizing a high-speed, high-sample-efficiency, high-throughput crystallography tool at room temperature.

See Ultrasonic acoustic levitation for fast frame rate X-ray protein crystallography at room temperature and highlight.

ALD team

Laboratory for Micro- & Nanotechnology, PSD
Michal Kepa, Dr.
Soichiro Tsujino, Dr.
Celestino Padeste, Dr.

Laboratory for Bioimaging, PSD
Takashi Tomizaki, Dr.

Laboratory for Biomolecular Research, BIO
Jörg Standfuss, Dr.
Petr Skopintsev
Dmitry Veprintsev
Antonia Furrer

Laboratory for Scientific Computing and Modeling, NES
Yohei Sato, Dr.

LeadXpro AG
Michael Hennig, Prof. Dr.
Robert Cheng, Dr.
Matthieu Botte, Dr.

Fachhochschule Nordwest (FHNW)
Magnus Christiansen, Prof. Dr.
Jonathan Schmidli,

ETHZ and University of Hokkaido
Yasushi Takeda, Prof. Dr.