Molecular Nanoscience: Research Team

We have open shared PhD positions at the moment. For more information have a look at the following links Open position 1 requirements, Open position 2 requirements or contact the group head

Group Lead
Thomas Jung
Rolf Schelldorfer
PhD Students
Milos Baljozovic
Dipanwita Dutta


PhD Students:
Jan Nowakowski, now Post-Doc at UniBasel
Harald Rossmann, now consultant at D-fine Austria GmbH
Jan Girovsky, now Post-Doc at TU Delft
Tatjana Hählen, now at ETEL S.A. Môtiers
Christian Wäckerlin, now Post-Doc at EMPA
Bettina Baumeister, now: Physics teacher
Peter Morf, now at Komaxsolar, Rotkreuz
Rolf Bertschinger, now at Siemens Switzerland
Claudio Vanoni, now at Mettler Toledo
Niklaus Baumann, now: Teacher
Kathrin Müller, now at Zernike Institut for Materials Science, Groningen
Andre Kaufmann, now at Helmut Fischer Technology Ltd.
Dorota Chylarecka, now Post-Doc University of Basel/PSI
Dariusz Jarzabek, now at IPPT PAN, Warsaw
Dorota Siewert
Foteini Ravani, now at MaxLab, Lund
Andreas Scheybal, now at Dow Chemical, Lucerne
Timur Kim, now at Diamond Light Source
Nirmalya Ballav, now at IISER, Pune