Fabrication of metallic field emitter array cathode

Unlike the celebrated Spindt FEA, first demonstrated by C.A. Spindt [1], the PSI all-metallic FEA fabrication method is based on a unique molding method [2,3] that can produce a uniform emitter-tip array over a large area. These metallic nanotips have tip apex radii of curvature in the order of a few nanometres. Single-gate and double-gate FEAs are fabricated based on the molded metallic field emitter arrays [2,3,4,5]. Development of sub-micron pitch FEAs to further increase the quantum efficiency of the laser-induced field emission is under way [6,7].

Array fabrication by molding

(a) directional etching of pyramidal pits into Si wafer
(b) multiple thermal oxidation steps control pit apex diameter
(c) sputter-fill mold with Molybdenum
(d) chemically remove Si wafer

Gate fabrication: electron extraction electrode

(a) deposit insulator and extraction gate electrode
(b) spin-coat photoresist (PR)
(c) thin PR in oxygen plasma to form extraction gate aperture etch mask
(d) wet-etch Molybdenum

Gate fabrication: electron collimation electrode

(a) deposit insulator (SiON), collimation gate electrode and ZEP resist
(b) form collimation gate aperture by selectively exposing ZEP by e-beam lithography
(c) develop ZEP and wet-etch Molybdenum
(d) remove insulator on top of tips by wet-etching


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