Ultrafast near infrared laser-induced field emission

Ultrafast electron pulses can be produced from sharp metallic tips illuminated by femtosecond near infrared laser pulses [1-3]; generation of ~5 pC from 120k-tip single-gate molybdenum FEA with 5 um pitch emitters by near infrared laser pulses was demonstrated recently, showing that the use of an array of metallic nanotips for high charge bunch generation and accelerator applications is also feasible but the small fraction of the emitter tip area limits the quantum efficiency. In a recent work, we are developing a submicron-pitch, high-density nanotip array device with a gate electrode [4-6], that can support surface-plasmon polaritons. From a theoretical analysis for a device with an asymmetric emitter position, a factor ~30 increased array quantum efficiency, within a factor of 60 in comparison with the UV-excited Copper photocathode, is demonstrated [4].

We further investigated theoretically the laser-induced field emission from stacked-double gate devices, to explore the potential of such system to generate collimated field emission beams [4,7]. Using electromagnetic and particle tracking simulations, we showed that electron pulses with small rms transverse velocities are eciently produced from nanotip arrays by laser-induced field emission with the laser wavelength tuned to surface plasmon polariton resonance of the stacked double-gate structure. The result indicates the possibility of realizing a metal nanotip array cathode that outperforms state-of-the-art photocathodes.


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