Advanced Neutron Imaging Techniques

Neutron Grating Interferometry with Neutrons

Measured neutron images of two metallic rods with 6 mm diameter made of copper and titanium. (Left) Conventional absorption image. (right) phase contrast image.
Instead of measuring the direct attenuation of the neutron beam, there are measuring techniques exploiting the (de-Broglie) wave properties of the neutron. They provide additional contrast mechanisms due to neutron wave interference and small angle neutron scattering. More about neutron phase contrast imaging

Energy Selective Neutron Imaging

Steel weld: (left) taken with full spectrum, (right) texture effects due to Bragg scattering become visible at limited energy bandwith.
Usually neutron radiographs are taken with the full neutron energy spectrum of the beamline. Cold neutrons provide additional imaging contrast using a limited energy/wavelength bandwith in those materials showing Bragg scattering. More about energy selective neutron imaging