Nanoimprint Lithography Facilities

LNQ's tools for Nanoimprint Lithography are placed in the „processing lab" is a semi-clean room of ca. 150 m2 with laminar flow boxes in the critical areas and a class 10’000 environment elsewhere. Our main isntruments are two hot-presses of the type Jenoptic HEX 03. They may be used for thermal imprint as well as for UV-assisited replication processes.

The HEX 03 press operated at the LMN
  • molding of thermoplastic polymers with resolutions of below 10nm pressing force up to 200kN (operation force/position controlled)
  • embossing temperature up to 320'C (heating electrical, cooling with oil)
  • embossing under vacuum
  • automatic mold release
  • optical alignment with 3 um overlay accuracy for double sided I aligned embossing
Hot Embossing of Surfaces and Polymer Elements
  • micro- and nanopatteming of polymer structures used for fluidics, optics, and surfaces with topological contrast
  • laminating of polymer sheets
Nanoimprint Lithography
  • molding of thin resists used for pattem transfer
  • surface structuring with topological and chemical contrast