Master thesis’s in LNM

Name Title
Mikael Mille Anisotropic influence of hydrides on fatigue properties of zirconium alloy based nuclear cladding material
An Zhang Metallographical Characterization of High-Temperature Water Effects on Fracture Behavior of Low Alloy Steels
Cavaliere Andrea Formation process of ODS particles in steels
Aaron Colldeweih Evaluation of mechanical properties of irradiated zirconium alloys at the metal-oxide interface
Shama Ahmed Study of Microfluidic Mixing and Droplet Generation for 3D Printing of Nuclear Fuels
Daniel Ulloa Modelling of Kr and Xe amount and isotopic abundances in fuel pins as a function of reactor type, burn-up, linear heat rate and irradiation time
Marc Raventos Construction and qualification of a micro-tensile testing machine for lower scale digital image correlation applied to Zirconium alloys
Damien Vacouret Caractérisation mécanique de gaines sous chargement mécanique et thermique
Ferruccio Bolla Chemical and Dielectric studies of internal gelation reagents
Raphael Heierli Creep-Fatigue of P91 at 400°C
Loïc G. Fave Determination of helium implantation induced swelling in ODS steels
Nathan Barber Modeling of thermodynamic properties of chromium in doped nuclear fuel
Thomas Schreier Bau eines Dampfüberhitzers zu Thermoschockanlage
Bhadri Narayanan Lalgudi Srinivas Measurement and Evaluation of Oxide growth in Zirconium Binary Alloys and Zircaloy-2 by Steam Corrosion Test
Sebastian Lässig Thermomechanische Ermüdung infolge zyklischen Thermoschocks
Katja Kumpf The Potential of Electrochemical Noise to Detect Stress Corrosion Cracking Initiation under Simulated Boiling Water Reactor Conditions