STARS - Education and Training

The STARS team is committed to the Education and Training of young nuclear scientists, engineers as well as professionals. Thereby, STARS is involved in Teaching activities within the national joint EPFL/ETHZ Nuclear Engineering Master Program and offer students, the opportunity to conduct Master and PhD theses as well as Trainee and Practicum projects, noting that Guest Scientists can also visit STARS for trainee and/or further education programs.

Current and past Theses

Master Theses and Trainees

See here for on-going (as well as past) LRT Master Theses and Trainee Projects

PhD Theses

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Courses at EPFL/ETHZ

Special Topics in Reactor Physics

EPFL/ETHZ Nuclear Engineering Master Program
P. GRIMM Lattice Calculations and Burnup
P. GRIMM LWR Core Modelling
  • Lecture 1 Basic Concepts and Cross-Sections
  • Lecture 2 Core Analyses
A. VASILIEV Monte Carlo Method for Neutron Transport Simulation
  • Lecture 1 Basics
  • Lecture 2 Practical Aspects

Nuclear Computations Lab.

EPFL/ETHZ Nuclear Engineering Master Program
H. FERROUKHI Background to Nuclear Reactor Simulations
M. HURSIN, S. CANEPA Lattice Physics
  • Theory
  • Simulations
    • BWR Pin Cell Homogenization
    • BWR Assembly Optimization
    • LWR Library Preparation
D. WICKASONO Thermal-Hydraulics
  • Theory
  • Simulations
    • Blowdown
    • Heated Channel
S. CANEPA, H. FERROUKHI Multi-Physics Core Statics
  • Theory
  • Simulations
    • PWR Core Analysis
    • BWR Core Design
A. DOKHANE, H. FERROUKHI Multi-Physics Core Dynamics
  • Theory
  • Simulations
    • PWR Stability Analysis
    • BWR Rod Ejection
I. CLIFFORD Plant Safety Analyses
  • Theory
  • Simulations
    • Steady-State Calculations
    • LBLOCA, Surge Line Break
    • LBLOCA, ECC Line Break