STARS - A Certified Project Management System

STARS applies a quality management system referred to as "Project Management System" (PMS) and certified according to ISO-9001:2015.

STARS SQS Certificate
STARS IQNET Certificate

PMS Overview

The PMS system is entirely designed, maintained and enhanced by the STARS team members. This is a unique feature since if seen as a well-constrained PSI/NES research project, STARS is the only one that is specifically required to be ISO certified. Thereby, it also constitutes a unique feature that the PMS is entirely designed for the STARS activities and is consistently and systematically applied for all types of activities, i.e. from scientific support to research and education, and independently of sub-project and/or partner.

The PMS was certified the first time in 2005 and a new certification was recently successfully conducted in Dec. 2017. Top

PMS Objectives

The main objectives of the STARS PMS can be summarized as follows.
  • Ensure optimization of the system scientific/technical output versus multi-project multi-partner requirements, boundary conditions and expectations;
  • Ensure a high scientific/technical output in terms of integrity as well as quality and quantity;
  • Ensure full traceability of all project documentation;
  • Ensure full reproduceability of the scientific/technical activities;
  • Ensure preservation of know-how and competences;
  • Fulfil commitments and obligations towards all stakeholders;
  • Consolidate team work and strengthen collaborations;
  • Enhance transparency and communication flow in all directions (top-down, bottom-up, horizontal);
  • Enhance information and know-how transfer across the project;
  • Promote constructive feedback and continuous enhancements

PMS Components

The two "core" components of the PMS are:
  • the "STARSBase" Document Management System (DMS) which also acts as the reference archival system of STARS;
  • the "PMS Manual" describing all procedures and all associated sub-procedures applied within STARS along with instructions notes, forms and templates.