From “Turbine to Pellet” Integral LWR Safety Analyses


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STARS aims at nuclear reactor modelling and simulations with focus on
  • Safety assessments for the current generation (GII) of Light-Water-Reactors (LWRs) in general and for the Swiss operating LWRs in particular
  • Safety evaluations for next-generation LWRs (GIII/GIII+)
  • The keywords of STARS are LWR nuclear engineering, science and technology.

Technical Areas

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STARS is constituted by the three LWR modelling-related research groups of the LRS and the main technical areas of expertise are therefore
  • Plant Behaviour
    (system thermal-hydraulics and fluid dynamics)
  • Core Physics
    (neutronics/radiation transport, reactor physics, and coupled core statics/dynamics)
  • Fuel Modelling
    (fuel thermo-mechanics and material behaviour)
The principle of STARS is to combine these competences and build an advanced
"Turbine-to-Pellet" modeling capability for integral safety assessments of nuclear reactors.


Range of Application

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The STARS modelling and simulation activities are currently aimed at covering the following range of applications
  • Steady-State Normal Reactor Operation
  • Transients and Dynamical Events
  • Design-Basis-Accidents
  • Beyond-Design-Basis-Accidents
    (excluding core melt and severe accidents)
  • Out-of-Core Applications
    (Fluence, Activation, Shielding, Spent Fuel Characterization, Criticality Safety w/o Burnup Credit)
The concept of STARS is to cover all areas where "neutrons, fluid and materials meet", both within and outside of the reactor vessel. Top