PhD Theses

Current Theses

Name Thesis title Director Supervisor(s)
Chionis, Dionysios Development of advanced methodologies for monitoring and modelling of neutron noise in modern LWR cores Pautz, Andreas Dokhane, Abdelhamid
Papadionysiou, Marianna Development of VVER Computational Scheme for Plant System Analyses Coupled to Higher Resolution Core Multi-Physics Simulations Pautz, Andreas Hursin, Mathieu
Wei, Zonglan Development of anisotropic unsteady RANS turbulence models H.-M. Prasser, J. Carmeliet Puragliesi, R. (LSM)

Completed Theses

Name Thesis title Year
Bertolotto, Davide Coupling of a system code with computational fluid dynamics for the simulation of complex coolant reactivity effects 2011
Blair, Paul Modelling of fission gas behaviour in high burnup nuclear fuel 2008
Brankov, Vladimir Modeling of fuel fragmentation, relocation and dispersal during Loss-of-Coolant Accident in Light-Water Reactors 2017
Caruso, Stefano Characterisation of high-burnup LWR fuel rods through gamma-tomography 2007
Chenu, Aurélia Single- and two-phase flow modeling for coupled neutronics/thermal-hydraulics transient analysis of advanced sodium-cooled fast reactors 2011
Cometto, Marco Benchmarking of ADS calculational tools and their application to different waste transmutation scenarios 2003
Dokhane, Abdelhamid BWR stability analysis using a novel reduced order model and the system code RAMONA 2004
Epiney, Aaron Simon Improvement of the decay heat removal characteristics of the Generation IV Gas-cooled Fast Reactor 2010
Filippo, Tani Decomposition analysis of reactivity effect predictions for modern LWR fuel 2006
Girardin, Gaëtan Development of the control assembly pattern and dynamic analysis of the generation IV large gas-cooled fast reactor (GFR) 2009
Giust, Flavio Dante Appraisal of BWR core analysis methods against the LWR-PROTEUS experiments 2012
Kasemeyer, Uwe Design of a uranium-free LWR core for plutonium burning 1998
Köberl, Oliver Experimental neutron balance investigations of water entry in a HTR with low enriched uranium fuel 1998
Kröhnert, Hanna Fission rates measured using high-energy gamma-rays from short half-life fission products in fresh and spent nuclear fuel 2011
Lüthi, Anton Development and validation of gamma-heating calculational methods for Pu-burning fast reactors 1999
Negreanu, Cezarina Elena Development and validation of data sets and Monte Carlo methods for electron/positron transport at low and medium energies 2005
Petkevich, Petr Development and application of an advanced fuel model for the safety analysis of the generation IV gas-cooled fast reactor 2008
Plaschy, Michael Numerical and experimental studies of the characteristics of a sub-critical fast system driven by an external source 2004
Pralong, Catherine Investigation of within-pin reaction rate distributions in a highly heterogeneous fuel assembly 2002
Rätz, Dominik Neutronics experiments and analysis related to strong moderation heterogeneity in LWRs 2012
Rosselet, Marc Reactivity measurements and their interpretation in systems with large spatial effects 1999
Sengstag, Thierry On the modelling of reactivity initiated accidents in light water reactor cores containing high-burnup fuel 2001
Sun, Kaichao Analysis of Advanced Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor Core Designs with Improved Safety Characteristics 2012
Vinai, Paolo Development and application of objective uncertainty measures for transient code predictions 2007
Wicaksono, Damar Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification of Physical Models in Thermal-Hydraulics System Code 2018
Zilio, Valery Olivier Development and validation of on-line dosimetric methods for the treatment of prostate cancer 2005
Zhu, Ting Sampling-Based Nuclear Data Uncertainty Quantification for Continuous Energy Monte Carlo Codes 2015