STARS Swiss Simulation Platform (SwissP) - Code Description

The nuclear simulation codes that currently form part of the STARS SwissP are listed below. The specific purpose of each code as currently used within STARS is specified noting that the given codes might be designed and/or employed for additional purposes. Finally, the code providers with whom STARS collaborates for development/validation are also specified.

Code Scope within STARS SwissP Developer
Casmo-4/5 Reference deterministic 2-D assembly transport/depletion (M-G MOC) Studsvik
CMSLink Few-group cross section processor for SIMULATE/S3K core static/transient core calculations Studsvik
SIMULATE-3/5 Reference deterministic 3-D steady-state core simulator (2-G/M-G diffusion/SPn) Studsvik
SIMULATE-3K (S3K) Reference deterministic 3-D transient core simulator (2-G diffusion) Studsvik
SNF Spent fuel inventory calculations Studsvik
nTRACER Complementary deterministic "Direct" pin-by-pin 3-D full core transport solver (M-G, 2-D MOC/1D SPn) Seoul University
DYN3D Complementary deterministic pin-cell homogenized 3-D core solver (M-G, SPn) HDZR
Serpent Reference Monte-Carlo-2-D/3-D code for fuel assembly depletion/decay VTT
MCNP Reference Monte-Carlo 3-D neutron/transport code for out-of-core applications and full core modelling Los Alamos
Vesta Monte-Carlo depletion interface code (for ORNL/Origen and IRSN/Phoenix depletion/decay modules) IRSN
Cinder Complementary fuel depletion/decay solver LANL
NJOY Nuclear data processing system LANL
TRACE Reference plant system code for 1-D/3-D thermal-hydraulics US NRC
TRACE/PARCS Complementary coupled 3-D core/plant code system for transient analyses US NRC/UMICH
COBRA-TF Reference code for sub-channel 3-D thermal-hydraulics Penn State
STAR-CCM+ Reference 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics solver CD-Adapco
OpenFOAM Complementary 3-D Computational Dynamics slover Open source
GOTHIC Reference code for containment 3-D Thermal-Hydraulics (Under PSI/LH Responsiblity) US NRC
FALCON MOD01 Reference code for 2-D fuel Thermo-Mechanics (steady-state/transient) EPRI
Falcon V1 New version of Falcon 2-D Fuel thermo-mechanics code EPRI/PSI
DIFFOX Mechanistic modelling of clad oxygen diffusion during thermal transients IRSN
CP2K Atomistic simulations and multi-scale modelling of fuel materials Open source
PERFORM-60 Multi-Scale simulation and modelling platform for evolution of reactor pressure vessel materials EDF-EU 7th FP
LAKIMOCA Kinetic Monte-Carlo solver for irradiation-induced damage of steel material micro-structures EDF
URANIE Uncertainty and sensitivity analsys platform CEA