STARS Swiss Simulation Platform (SwissP) - Co-Development

A central component of the STARS activities consists in the verification & validation of the employed simulation codes and underlying physical/numerical models. Thereby, STARS can to some extent be considered as a validation center since the output, consisting either of identified model limitations or proposed model updates, is fed-back to the code developers to serve as guidance for further code enhancements. However, for selected codes, STARS also actively participates in the co-development. Currently, this includes the following codes and systems.
    Code system for TRACE/SIMULATE-3K (TS3K) coupled 3-D core/plant system dynamical analyses.
    Co-development with Studsvik Scandpower.
    Code system for TRACE/GOTHIC coupled plant system/containment dynamical analyses.
    Co-development with the PSI Laboratory for Thermal-Hydraulics.
    Code system for TRACE coupling to dynamic event tree scheduler ADS for probabilistic dynamics.
    Co-development with PSI Laboratory for Energy Systems Analyses (LEA).
  • Falcon V1
    Re-designed Falcon fuel performance code with integration of PSI advanced mechanistic Gaseous Release and Swelling (GRSW-A) model.
    Co-development with EPRI, Objexx and Anatech.