Call for Proposals for µSR Experiments at the SµS

Call -- Round 1/2019

  • Deadline for Proposals: February 28, 2019.
  • This call is open for the instruments DOLLY, GPD, GPS, HAL-9500 and LEM.
  • Note that the LTF instrument has now been decommissioned and is NOT part of this call. The future FLAME instrument is foreseen to have pilot experiments in 2020 and a user operation foreseen in 2021.

Allocation period: July to December 2019
Note that this will be the only call for the year 2019.

General Guidelines

Proposals have to be submitted via the DUO web interface. For details on how to use the Digital User Office to submit µSR proposals or continuation requests see DUO for SµS. For the Bulk µSR Facilities (for information see PSI µSR User Facilities : Instruments), in addition to the normal access mode (i.e. Proposals) beam time can possibly be obtained through Requests for Urgent Beam Time (see below).

1. Proposals

  • Allocation periods: see above.
  • Deadline for submission in DUO: February 28, 2019, midnight (Swiss time).
  • Please note: this is a hard deadline - post deadline editing of proposals will be disabled. 

2. Requests for Urgent Beam Time (Director's Discretion Time)

Reserved for feasibility tests or urgent measurements on new materials. A very limited amount of beam time is reserved for urgent beam time requests. For the request of urgent beam time (typically 1 or 2 days) an informal letter containing the relevant information about the project, the sample, the requested instrument and number of necessary days may be addressed electronically at any time of a running cycle to:

Dr. Alex Amato
Head of LMU Laboratory
Paul Scherrer Institut
CH-5232 Villigen PSI