List of Principle Investigators and Themes 2nd PSI-FELLOW-II-3i Call 2018

Please contact the corresponding Principle Investigator in order to obtain more details about the postdoc position, the application process and the theme.

ID-Nr. Theme Email Name Firstname Division
Development of New Accelerator Concepts, Beam Characterization Methods and Detectors
3000-05 A novel High-intensity Muon Beamline for the Mu3e experiment Knecht Andreas NUM
4000-23 Surrogate Model Construction for XFELs Adelmann Andreas NES
4000-24 Sparse Grids in Relativistic Particle in Cell Algorithms on Emerging Hardware Adelmann Andreas NES
8000-01 Electron beam shaping for the ATHOS X-Ray FEL Ischebeck Rasmus GFA
8000-02 Novel Attosecond Schemes for Soft X-ray beamline ATHOS at SwissFEL Reiche Sven GFA
8000-03 Design of a new static beam delivery device especially suited for Proton-Arc Therapy Schippers Marco GFA
Human health and life-sciences
2000-04 Structures of membrane bound signalling complexes Volodymyr Korkhov BIO
Energy & Environment
4000-01 Iodine chemistry Lind Terttaliisa NES
4000-02 LWR ex-core structures activation assessment Alexander Vasiliev NES
4000-04 Nonlinear stability Analysis of Boiling Water Reactors Dokhane Abdelhamid NES
4000-05 Multivariate data analysis of large experimental data Mukin Roman NES
4000-06 Development of an isotope separator Dressler Rugard NES
4000-09 Validation of adsorption models on argillaceous rocks using advanced surface spectroscopic techniques. Marques Fernandes Maria NES
4000-10 Diffusion of gaseous species in partially saturated porous media
Van Loon
4000-12 Assessing energy infrastructure resilience Burgherr Peter NES
4000-14 Risk assessment for current and future mobility options Spada Matteo NES
4000-15 Energy storage optimization Densing Martin NES
4000-21 Biofuels Mantzaras Ioannis NES
5000-01 Antioxidant Strategies for Hydrocarbon based Fuel Cell Membranes Gubler Lorenz ENE
5000-02 Catalytic biomass valorization Vogel Frédéric ENE
5000-03 Operando XTM of PE Electrolysis Büchi Felix ENE
5000-06 Catalytic exhaust aftertreatment of natural gas fuelled vehicles Ferri Davide ENE
5000-07 Development and investigation of battery materials Villevieille Claire ENE
Materials and Matter
3000-02 First principles spectroscopies Kenzelmann Michel NUM
3000-03 Ultrafast phenomena in magnetic thin films and nanostructures Scagnoli Valerio NUM
3000-06 Neutron diffraction studies of battery materials Cheptiakov Denis NUM
3000-08 Quantum Materials Soh Yona NUM
3000-11 Exploring the capabilities of the novel multianalyzer spectrometer CAMEA for inelastic neutron scattering Niedermayer Christof NUM
3000-12 Diffraction in neutron imaging Strobl Markus LNS
3000-13 Scattering experiments on f-electron materials Janoschek Marc NUM
3000-14 Analysing spectroscopy data with advanced statistical methods Rüeegg Christian NUM
3000-15 Charge Density Wave and Superconductivity: Investigation on the Coexistence,
Coupling and Competition of the Two Ground States Khassanov Roustem NUM
4000-08 Magnetic structure of high temperature multiferroics Krack Matthias NES
4000-11 Soft X-ray spectromicroscopy of the neo-formation of minerals at material interfaces Dähn Rainer NES
4000-16 Behavior of fuel cladding under dry storage conditions Bertsch Johannes NES
4000-17 Manifestations of Topology in Condensed Matter Physics Mudry Christopher NES/NUM
4000-18 Structural dynamics of signaling G protein – GPCR complexes Deupi Xavier NES/NUM
4000-19 Solvent influence on surface reaction energetics Krack Matthias NES
4000-26 Lattice and spin dynamics of charge ices Derlet Peter NES/NUM
4000-28 Experimental and computational investigations of thermocline dynamics in a water pool caused by a steam jet Paranjape Sidharth NES
4000-29 Thermodynamic modelling in severe accidents analysis Sergii Nichenko NES
6000-01 Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering on correlated transition metal oxides Schmitt Thorsten PSD
6000-02 Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering on high temperature superconductors Schmitt Thorsten PSD
6000-03 Ultrafast dynamics of nonequilibrium solids studied with x-rays Staub Urs PSD
6000-04 In-situ Chemical Tomography and Modelling of Reactive Transport Processes in Porous Media Grolimund
van Loon
6000-05 Development of fixed target methods for serial crystallography Sharpe May PSD
6000-07 Serial synchrotron crystallography Wang Meitian PSD
6000-08 Non-linear x-ray spectroscopy for ultrafast chemical processes at SwissFEL Bostedt Christoph PSD
6000-09 Ultrafast single particle imaging at SwissFEL for non-thermal processes and phase transitions Bostedt Christoph PSD
6000-10 Investigation of Innovative Materials for Solid Oxide Cells Applications through Advanced Synchrotron Chemical Imaging Methods in 2D and 3D Ferreira Sanchez Dario PSD
6000-12 Ultrafast cryo-memory devices based on optically and electrically switchable metastable quantum states Gerber Simone PSD
6000-13 Ultrafast dynamics of nonequilibrium solids and phase transitions Johnson Steven PSD