List of Principle Investigators and Themes 2nd PSI-FELLOW-III-3i Call 2022 - The call will close on the 30th of November 2022 (midnight CET)

Find below the list of PIs and themes. For some of the themes the ID-Nr. will be updated (TBU). Please contact the PIs for more details about the theme and the research opportunities.

ID-Nr Theme Name of the PI Firstname Email Division
Development of new accelerator concepts, beam characterization methods, optics and detectors
3000-09 Si-Pixel detectors for novel muon spin spectroscopy applications Salman Zaher NUM
3000-13 Novel types of neutron instrumentation concepts for the study of large scale structure science White Jonathan NUM
4000-06 Mass separation and laser ionization towards Isotope Separation OnLine (ISOL) techniques van der Meulen Nick BIO
6000-03 Development of high-Z sensors for SLS2.0 and SwissFEL Greiffenberg Dominic PSD
6000-04 Development of soft X-ray single photon counting detectors for SLS2.0 Bergamaschi Anna PSD
6000-08 Wavefront and coherence measurements of XFEL radiation David Christian PSD
6000-13 High Temperature Superconducting Undulator for the Tomographic Microspopy beamline of SL2.0, I-TOMCAT Calvi Marco PSD
8000-01 Novel THZ Radiator Design Juranic Pavle GFA
8000-02 Nano-fabricated wire-scanners (WS) with sub-micrometer spatial resolution and minimal invasiveness of the FEL mechanism Orlandi Gian Luca GFA
8000-03 Advanced Operation of ESASE/EEHG at SwissFEL Reiche Sven GFA
8000-04 Structure and thermal development of muon target stations at HIPA Reggiani Davide GFA
8000-05 Coherence Enhancement of Self-Amplified Spontaneous-Emission X-ray Free-Electron Laser Pulses at SwissFEL. Prat Costa Eduard GFA
8000-06 Design study of a novel injector and component develpoment for a synchrotron light source Craievich Paolo GFA
Energy & Environment
4000-02 Multi-objective and multicriteria decision aid models to support energy policy making Burgherr Peter NES-ENE
4000-04 high-resolution energy systems modelling for advanced analyses of renewable energy integration Panos Evangelos NES
4000-09 Atomic-scale understanding of redox behaviors of Fe-doped hydrotalcites in Mg-cements Ma Bin NES
4000-08 Application of machine learning techniques on severe accident analysis Lind Terttaliisa NES
4000-10 Reactor Neutron Noise Analysis and Simulations for Inference of Local Thermal-Hydraulic Distributions Dokhane Abdelhamid NES
5000-01 Electrochemical direct-air capture of CO2 Gubler Lorenz ENE
5000-02 Advanced operando characterizaion of all-solide-state Li-ion batteries using in house X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XAS) and synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS)  EL Kazzi Mario ENE
5000-03 in-situ aerosol polarimetry Gysel-Beer Martin ENE
5000-04 Fine scale air quality modelling for aerosol health assessment  El Haddad Imad ENE
5000-05 Formation, lifetime, and sources of atmospheric organic nitrates Slowik Jay ENE
5000-08 Photochemical Aerosol Aging Ammann Markus ENE
6000-11 Data driven approaches for classification of X-ray spectroscopy experiments Clark Adam PSD
6000-14 Ultrafast imaging and spectroscopy at the Maloja endstation at SwissFEL Schnorr Kirsten PSD
Human health and life-sciences
2000-01 Investigation of the Next Generation Folate Radioconjugates Müller Cristina BIO
2000-02 Biophysics and structural biology of orphan G-protein coupled receptors and arrestin Benoit Roger BIO
2000-03 X-ray based neuronal circuit reconstruction Wanner Adrian BIO
2000-04 Time-resolved structural biology using SLS (2.0) and SwissFEL Standfuss Joerg BIO
2000-05 X-ray expansion microscopy Wanner Adrian BIO
2000-06 X-ray mediated optogenetics for deep brain stimulation Wanner Adrian BIO
4000-03 Novel concept(s) of a Ti-44/Sc-44 generator for radiopharmacy  Steinegger Patrick NES
6000-12 Generation of small-molecular mimics of redox proteins Beale John PSD
Materials and Matter
3000-01 Spintronic Devices Heyderman Laura NUM
3000-02 Ultrafast Processes in Magnetic Systems Scagnoli Valerio NUM
3000-03 Search for a muon electric dipole moment using the frozen spin technique Schmidt-Wellenburg Philipp NUM
3000-04 Search for a neutron electric dipole moment with highest sensitivity Lauss Bernhard NUM
3000-05 Development and Applications of the Muon-Induced X-ray Emission  Amato Alex NUM
3000-06 Skyrmions under extreme conditions White Jonathan NUM
3000-07 Accurate single-crystal neutron diffraction of metal-organic magnets using automated X-ray/neutron setup and 100 mK goniometer Bartkowiak Marek NUM
3000-08 Topologically non-trivial quantum matter phases Janoschek Marc NUM
3000-10 Low-dimensional magnetic halide materials Kenzelmann Michel NUM
3000-14 Low-voltage ferroelectric field effect transistors Shepelin Nikita NUM
3000-12 Theory predictions for particle physics experiments with muons Signer Adrian NUM
3000-11 New magnetically frustrated intermetallic materials with potentially topological properties Zaharko Oksana NUM
4000-01 SCC initation and growth in Alloy 182 dissimilar metal welds Seifert Hans-Peter NES
4000-05 Multiscale chemo-mechanical reactive transport modelling in porous media Prasianakis Nikolaos NES
4000-07 Atomic scale structural analysis of Cr/Zr interface in irradiated zirconium alloys using FIB, TEM and EBSD Kuri Goutam NES
6000-01 Spin, orbital and charge correlations in magnetic van der Waals materials Schmitt Thorsten PSD
6000-02 Photoelectron spectroscopy of 2D materials and metal-organic networks Muntwiler Matthias PSD
6000-05 Method development on X-ray scattering Tensor Tomography Liebi Marianne PSD
6000-06 Method development for computational X-ray nano-imaging Guizar Sicairos Manuel PSD
6000-07 Bosonic quantum information processing Grimm Alexander PSD
6000-09 Ultrafast dynamics in quantum matter Johnson Steven PSD
6000-10 Ion Trap Quantum Computation  Hempel Cornelius PSD
6000-17 Sub-10 nm patterning for future EUVL nodes Kazazis Dimitrios PSD
6000-18 Ultrafast X-ray probes for advanced manufacturing Grolimund Daniel PSD
6000-19 Neural network enhancement of the coherent diffraction imaging process Mochi Iacopo PSD
6000-20 Operando X-ray and neutron diffraction/imaging during laser-based additive manufacturing Van Petegem Steven PSD
6000-21 Generation and use of phase-locked ultrafast X-ray pulses Gerber Simon PSD
6000-23 Manipulation of topological states Aeppli Gabriel PSD
3000-15 Kagome lattice based topological materials Schmitt Thorsten PSD
7000-03 Performance Portable PDE Solvers Adelmann Andreas SCD
7000-02 New symmetries and their consequences in correlated quantum matter Mudry Christopher SCD
8000-07 Design of an instrument for in-situ characterization of samples during laser manufacturing in SwissFEL  Ischebeck Rasmus GFA