List of Principle Investigators and Themes 1st PSI-FELLOW-III-3i Call 2020

Find below the list of PIs and themes. For some of the themes the ID-Nr. will be updated (TBU). Please contact the PIs for more details about the theme and the research opportunities. 

ID-Nr. Name of the PI Firstname Theme Email Division
Materials and matter
3000-02 Soh Yona Quantum materials with focus on thin film and devices NUM
3000-08 Kenzelmann Michel Magnetic quantum criticality near Kondo breakdown NUM
3000-17 Lippert Thomas Thin Film Growth and characterization of piezo and ferroelectric materials NUM
6000-02 Schmitt Thorsten Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering on Quantum Materials PSD
6000-03 Raabe Jörg Ptychographic Soft X-ray Imaging of Magnetic Nanostructures PSD
6000-09 Radovic Milan
Electronic properties of oxide heterostructures PSD
6000-16 Grimm Alexander Novel fabrication methods and materials for superconducting quantum circuits PSD
6000-26 Patthey Luc Ultrafast dynamics of quantum materials studied by time-resolved X-ray diffraction and time-resolved resonant inelastic X-ray scattering PSD
6000-28 Lemke Henrik FEL-based detection of ultrafast magnetic and electronic transitions in strongly correlated materials. PSD
6000-30 Mankowsky Roman Ultrafast control of magnetic and electronic transitions in strongly correlated materials, characterised by FEL-based X-radiation. PSD
6000-32 Van Petegem Steven Combining acoustic emission with operando X-ray diffraction and imaging during laser 3D printing PSD
Human health and life sciences
2000-02 Luo Jinghui Mesoscopic Physics of Parkinson associated alpha Synuclein protein BIO
2000-03 Shivashankar GV Mechano-genomic regulation of cellular ageing BIO
4000-13 Deupi Xavier Study of ultrafast retinal isomerization by QM/MM analysis of FEL data NES/ BIO
6000-10 Aeppli Gabriel viral lasers PSD
6000-12 Wojdyla Justyna Covid-19 X-ray diffraction data analysis for fragment screening FFCS pipeline PSD
Energy & environment
4000-10 Vasiliev Alexander Advanced Monte Carlo based Radiation Transport and Activation Modelling towards Optimized Management of Radioactive Waste for Facility Decommissioning NES
4000-11 Paladino Domenico Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and PANDA Experiments NES
5000-01 Davide Ferri Next generation three-way catalysts for natural gas vehicles ENE
5000-02 Smolentsev Grigory Time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy to study mechanisms of hydrogen evolution by molecular catalysts ENE
5000-03 Smolentsev Grigory Pump-probe X-ray spectroscopy to study photo- and electroluminescent materials ENE
5000-08 Jansohn Peter The Role of Hydrogen in Future Natural Gas Systems - characterization of CH4/H2 mixtures in end-use applications ENE
6000-19 Schnorr Kirsten Ultrafast Single-Particle Imaging at SwissFEL PSD
6000-20 Bostedt Christoph Unconventional x-ray scattering or spectroscopy approaches in the attosecond domain PSD
6000-21 Al Haddad Andre New opportunities in time-resolved X-ray and VUV liquid jet spectroscopy PSD
6000-29 Lemke Henrik FEL-based investigation of wavepacket dynamics during excitation through multiple trajectories PSD
Development of new accelerator concepts, beam characterization methods, detectors and optics
6000-11 Pedrini Bill Generation and use of phase-locked ultrafast X-ray pulses PSD
6000-22 Knopp Gregor Novel approaches for ultrafast nonlinear X-ray spectroscopy employing the coherent properties of the CHIC modes of the Athos beamline at SwissFEL PSD
8000-01 Prat Eduard Generation of ultra-large bandwidth and multi-color free-electron laser pulses at the soft X-ray beamline of SwissFEL GFA
8000-02 Reiche Sven Solenoid focusing for super-conducting undulator beamline GFA
8000-03 Craievich Paolo Development and testing of the next generation photocathode C-band RF gun for SwissFEL/Porthos  GFA