Laboratory Overview

The Laboratory of Particle Physics consists of eight groups:
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LTP Theory Group

Theoretical work in Collider Physics and Medium Energy Physics.

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Crivellin Group

SNSF Professorship group of Andreas Crivellin.

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High Energy Physics

Design and operation of the CMS pixel detector at CERN and analysis of the CMS data.

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Muon Physics

Fundamental muon physics at PSI's secondary beam lines and support of external experiments at PSI.

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UCN Physics

Fundamental experiments with ultracold neutrons.

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Electronics for Measuring Systems

Development, design, setting up and support of Electronic Systems for scientists and users in- and outside PSI.

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Detectors, Irradiation and Applied Particle Physics

Design and construction of detectors for particle physics and space science applications and the operation of the proton irradiation facility (PIF).

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Electronics Education and Service Pool

( Elektronik Berufsbildungs- und Dienst-leistungs-Pool, EBDP ) is working in close collaboration with the ...

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