Active Experiments

Completed experiments

  • PEN Experiment
    An experiment to improve the accuracy of the π → e ν branching ratio.
  • MuCap: Singlet Muon Capture on the Proton
    A reliable determination of the pseudo-scalar form factor gP of the muon-nucleon weak interaction.
  • MuLan: Measurement of the muon lifetime
    Improving the precision of GF
  • Central Silicon Tracker at H1
    Looking for displaced vertices at HERA.
  • Pionic Hydrogen
    Measures the pion-nucleon scattering length for a test of chiral pertubation theory.
  • Pion beta-decay
    An experiment to improve the accuracy of the CKM-matrix element Vud
  • F/B Muon Spectrometer at L3
    W-boson Physics at LEP-2.
  • Time Reversal Violation in Muon Decay?
    A search for time reversal violation in muon decay and an improved measurement of various Michel parameters in order to look beyond the standard model.
  • Improved Measurement of Charged Pion Mass
    Should help to improve the muon neutrino mass limit.
  • Muon-Electron Conversion (Sindrum II)
    A sensitive search for this process forbidden in the standard model.
  • Search for Heavy Neutral Particle
    This experiment tests the claim by the Karmen collaboration of a heavy neutral particle.
  • Large Acceptance Detector System (LADS)
    Investigation of the interaction of pions in nuclear matter.
  • Muonium-Antimuonium-Conversion
    A test of lepton flavour conservation.