Research software developed at LES


MCOTAC is a modular coupled computer program for modeling hydraulic, transport and geochemical reaction processes in one or two spatial dimensions.


Gibbs Energy Minimization Software collection at PSI for Geochemical Equilibrium Modelling (GEM-Selektor, GEMS3K, GEMSFITS code packages).


Open source reactive transport code that couples the multi-physics Finite Element (FE) code OpenGeoSys and the numerical kernel of the GEMS-PSI thermodynamic modeling package.


Program to MAnage ThermoCHemical data, written in C++

Equation of State for Fluids

Equation of state for fluid mixtures in the system H-O-C-N-S-F-Cl-Br-I-B-Si-He-Ne-Ar-Kr-Xe

Databases developed at LES

PSI/Nagra Chemical Thermodynamic Database 12/07

Chemical Thermodynamic Database to support safety assessments of radioactive waste repositories

JSS glass corrosion database

Leach data from simulated nuclear waste glasses