PMATCHC A Program to MAnage ThermoCHemical data, written in C++

(Version 1.1, 31-08-2001)
Software Distribution Package (Web); Version 12-09-2002

PMATCHC manages databases of thermodynamic data for use with geochemical modelling programs. It includes descriptions of reactions and their properties, as required for aqueous speciation and reaction codes based on the law of mass action (LMA), such as PHREEQC and the properties of elements, aqueous species, solids and gases as required for Gibbs Energy minimisation (GEM) codes like GEMS-PSI. It is written in C++ and operates in MS Windows and Linux environments. It allows both interactive and batch operation for data entry, manipulation and output in user-specified formats. It performs calculations that maintain internal consistency among data entered in various forms, and provides messages to the user when data inconsistencies exist that the program cannot resolve internally. PMATCHC is distributed with the Nagra/PSI Chemical Thermodynamic Data Base 01/01.


PROGRAM DOCUMENTATION: PSI Technical Reports TM-44-01-07.pdf and AN-44-01-23.pdf

KNOWN PROBLEMS: Problems.pdf


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