Scientific Highlights and News

The upgrade of the SLS to a diffraction-limited storage ring (DLSR) will benefit in particular those experimental techniques that exploit coherence and/or beam collimation and tight focussing. The increased coherent fraction, of the order of several percent in the hard x-ray regime, will greatly enhance phase-contrast tomography and lensless-imaging techniques such as ptychography; the ability to focus down to micron dimensions while maintaining excellent collimation will allow the investigation of proteins that only form micro- and nanocrystals, most notably membrane proteins and G-coupled protein receptors (GCPRs). The below articles contain recent news and examples, all performed at the SLS, which have been selected as representatives of some of the clearest scientific drivers for the upgrade of the SLS; such experiments at SLS 2.0 will be able to be performed either much more rapidly, or with significantly greater spatial resolution.