SLS 2.0 will provide a dramatic increase in brightness by replacing the current triple-bend magnet lattice of the storage ring by a new multi-bend achromat (MBA) magnet structure. This, combined with new and game-changing sources, advanced hardware, and beamline instrumentation, will herald an enhancement in performance of all techniques currently practiced at the SLS by three to four orders of magnitude in some cases, while also promising new and innovative techniques heretofore beyond the capabilities of the facility.

The accelerator upgrade focuses on the transformation of the storage ring lattice to a seven-bend achromat design including novel reverse bends that optimise the beam’s energy dispersion where it is most critical. It will also incorporate other new technologies, such as two superconducting magnets with 5 T peak field, which will extend the x-ray spectra to higher energies, further boosted by an increase in the storage-ring energy from 2.4 GeV to 2.7 GeV. 

Importantly, permanent magnet material will be used for many of the ambient temperature magnets, resulting in a substantial reduction in power consumption. A crucial feature for the MBA design is a significant reduction in the vacuum chamber cross-section, achieved thanks to efficient distributed pumping via the use of a non-evaporable getter coating on the chamber inner surfaces.