Sample Changer


TELL sample changer

Compatible with Unipucks only


  • TELL sample changer
    • Large dewar capacity of 30 Unipucks (20 at X06DA-PXIII)
    • Current sample exchange time of 24 s at X06SA-PXI, 35 s at X10SA-PXII, 35 s at X06DA-PXIII
  • Samples must be shipped in Unipucks with datamatrix for remote operation
    • Unipucks with datamatrix can be purchased from Mitegen or Molecular Dimensions (etching upon request)
    • Pucks datamatrix specifications can be found here
    • We provide puck etching of your pucks (within a week), please provide your local contact or the responsible beamline scientist with the following information:
      • How many Unipucks?
      • Can the Unipucks be kept after measurements, i.e. can the crystals be thawed?
      • Is it urgent? Up to 15 Unipucks will take about 1 week (excluding shipping)
  • The TELL sample changer is only compatible with SPINE standard pins (see below)
  • The use of the spreadsheet with sample information is mandatory with TELL. The spreadsheet and instructions are available from the MX Software Documentation area. Please validate your spreadsheet at to find out if there are any errors or things to be improved.


Appropriate pins are:

Please avoid putting stickers at the base of the magnetic bases which reduces the magnet strength.