3rd Workshop on the Physics of Fundamental Symmetries and Interactions at low energies and the precision frontier

Sept. 9-12, 2013, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

organized by the Laboratory of Particle Physics at PSI and supported by

Scope of the Workshop

The workshop focuses on the physics at the low energy, high precision frontier without neglecting complementary approaches. It aims at highlighting present activities and future developments. The Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) itself offers unique opportunities for experiments in this realm: it houses the world's most powerful proton cyclotron and the highest intensity low momentum pion and muon beams and the new ultracold neutron source.

The PSI2013 workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to explore these exciting topics. It will consist of plenary sessions, including invited introductory presentations to main topics, a poster session, social activities and the opportunity to visit PSI’s on-site experimental facilities.

The workshop is being organized by the Laboratory for Particle Physics at PSI and supported by the Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP).

The topics of the workshop include:

  • Low energy precision tests of the Standard Model
  • Fundamental physics with rare decays, e, μ, π, n, p, ...
  • Searches for symmetry violations
  • Searches for new forces
  • Precision measurements of fundamental constants
  • Searches for permanent electric dipole moments
  • Exotic atoms and molecules
  • Precision magnetometry
  • Advanced muon and ultracold neutron sources
  • Advanced detector technologies


International Advisory Committee:

D. Bryman Univ. of British Columbia
A. Czarnecki Univ. of Alberta
B.W. Filippone CALTECH
B. Heckel Univ. of Washington
C. Hoffman Univ. of New Mexico
K. Jungmann KVI
P. Kammel Univ. of Washington
I. Khriplovich BINP
V.A. Kostelecky Univ. of Indiana
Y. Kuno Osaka Univ.
W.J. Marciano BNL
T. Mori Tokyo Univ.
J.M. Pendlebury Univ. of Sussex
D. Pocanic Univ. of Virginia
M. Pohl Univ. of Geneva
L. Roberts Boston Univ.
H. Shimizu Nagoya Univ. & KEK
U. Straumann Univ. Zürich
A. Weis Univ. Fribourg
E. Widmann SMI
O. Zimmer ILL

Organizing Committee:

K. Kirch ETHZ & PSI
B. Lauss PSI
S. Ritt PSI
A. Van Loon-Govaerts PSI

Confirmed invited speakers

  • H. Abele – ATI
  • K. Blaum – MPI Heidelberg
  • A. Czarnecki – Univ. of Alberta
  • S. Ettenauer - Harvard Univ.
  • B. Filippone – CALTECH
  • A. Frank - JINR
  • M. Fujiwara - TRIUMF
  • G. Gabrielse - Harvard Univ.
  • A. Gaponenko – FNAL
  • G. Greene – Univ. of Tenn. & ORNL
  • D. Hertzog – Univ. of Washington
  • P. Kammel – Univ. of Washington
  • B. Märkisch – Univ. Heidelberg
  • Y. Masuda – KEK
  • T. Numao – TRIUMF
  • K. Pachucki – Univ. of Warsaw
  • R. Pohl – MPQ Garching
  • F. Rathmann – FZ Jülich
  • A. Ringwald – DESY
  • A. Ritz – Univ. of Victoria
  • N. Saito – KEK
  • B. Sauer – Imperial College
  • A. Saunders – LANL
  • A. Schöning – Univ. of Heidelberg
  • A. Serebrov – PNPI
  • N. Severijns – KU Leuven
  • R. Tschirhart – FNAL
  • S. Ulmer – RIKEN
  • M. Viviani – Univ. of Pisa
  • C. Voena - INFN-Roma
  • O. Zimmer - ILL


There is also a PDF version of the timetable for download.