One major commitment of the Electrochemistry Laboratory is education.
Below you find the Ph.D. theses completed in the Electrochemistry Laboratory. Habilitation theses are also listed.

  • 2018

    Characterization and Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Application of Bimetallic Aerogels
    Dr. Sebastian M. Henning
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 24919, (2018).
  • From liquid to solid electrolyte: interface investigation of model negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries Dr. Giulio Ferraresi
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 25215, (2018).
  • 2017

    Model catalysts fabricated via interference lithography and their electrochemical characterization
    Dr. Simon A. Tschupp
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 24293, (2017).
  • Pressurized polymer electrolyte water electrolysis: electrochemical characterization and energetic evaluation Dr. Michel Suermann
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 24476, (2017).
  • Component development for all-vanadium redox flow batteries: Membrane design and cell characterization Dr. Olga Nibel
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 24647, (2017).
  • Investigation of the electrochemical reactions involved in all-vanadium redox flow cells Dr. Susan M. Taylor
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 24590, (2017).
  • Lithium chromium-based polyanions and derivatives as multiple-redox electrode materials in Li-ion batteries Dr. Martin Reichardt
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 24778, (2017).
  • 2016

    Radiation Grafted Membranes for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
    PD Dr. Lorenz Gubler
    ETH Zürich, (2016).
    Download: 4.2 MB
  • Radiation-grafted polymer electrolyte membranes for water electrolysis Dr. Albert Albert
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 24058, (2016).
    Download: 3.45 MB
  • Transition metal diphosphonates, organic-inorganic hybrid electrode materials for Li-ion batteries Dr. Sebastian Andreas Schmidt
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23951, (2016).
    Download: 15.15 MB
  • Novel gas diffusion layers with patterned wettability for advanced water management strategies in polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Antoni Forner-Cuenca
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23941, (2016).
    Download: 10.09 MB
  • Elucidating interface reactions in Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors by in situ gas analysis Dr. Minglong He
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23920, (2016).
    Download: 6.01 MB
  • From bulk to near-surface investigations of 5V lithium ion LiNi₀.₅Mn₁.₅O₄ vs graphite cells using operando techniques Dr. Lucien Boulet-Roblin
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23906, (2016).
    Download: 14.61 MB
  • Unravelling the cell ageing phenomena in aprotic lithium-nickel-cobalt-manganese-oxide batteries Dr. Hai-Jung Peng
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23873, (2016).
    Download: 7.73 MB
  • Asymmetrically functionalized separator for lithium–sulfur battery with polysulfide barrier properties Dr. Joanna Maria Conder
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23786, (2016).
    Download: 9.08 MB
  • Reaction mechanism of Sn-based negative electrodes for Na-ion batteries Dr. Leonie O. Vogt
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23775, (2016).
    Download: 59.50 MB
  • The interplay between Pt electrocatalyst nanoparticles and metal oxide support materials: A perspective on electrocatalytic proper-ties, degradation, and X-ray scattering Dr. Tobias Binninger
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23685, (2016).
    Download: 154.80 KB
  • Design and characterization of strained epitaxial thin film model catalysts: A combined physical and electrochemical study Dr. Sandra Elisabeth Temmel
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23680, (2016).
    Download: 6.89 MB
  • Phosphoric acid electrolyte redistribution and loss in high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Sebastian Eberhardt
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23466, (2016).
    Download: 7.97 MB
  • Neutron radiography of polymer electrolyte fuel cells: From conventional towards energy selective neutron Imaging Dr. Johannes Biesdorf
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23308, (2016).
    Download: 56.17 MB
  • 2015

    The Impact of metal oxides on the electrocatalytic activity of platinum catalysts
    Dr. Annett Rabis
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23106, (2015).
    Download: 20.32 MB
  • Electrode degradation in high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells: Characterization, mechanisms and mitigation Dr. Tom Engl
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 23084, (2015).
    Download: 11.19 MB
  • 2014

    In situ characterization of electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries by Raman and IR microscopy
    Dr. Patrick Lanz
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 22294, (2014).
    Download: 12.10 MB
  • Elucidation of the reaction mechanism of M₀.₅TiOPO₄ upon lithiation and delithiation Dr. Peter Bleith
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 22295, (2014).
    Download: 12.10 MB
  • Chemical degradation of radiation grafted membranes for fuel cells Dr. Zhuoxiang Zhang
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 22197, (2014).
    Download: 11.07 MB
  • Antioxidants in radiation grafted membranes for fuel cells Dr. Yves Buchmüller
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 22075, (2014).
    Download: 9.28 MB
  • 2013

    Comonomer Effects in radiation grafted membranes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
    Dr. Kaewta Jetsrisuparb
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 21257, (2013).
    Download: 3.4 MB
  • Graphite oxide and graphene oxide based electrode Materials for electrochemical double layer capacitors Dr. Moritz M. Hantel
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 21212, (2013).
    Download: 11 MB
  • Ionic liquids for electrochemical double layer capacitors Dr. Daniel Weingarth
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 21213, (2013).
    Download: 26 MB
  • Kinetics and stage transitions of graphite for lithium-ion batteries Dr. Michael Hess
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 21240, (2013).
    Download: 10.67 MB
  • Local degradation of the membrane and catalyst support in polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Stefan Kreitmeier
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 20976, (2013).
    Download: 9 MB
  • 2012

    X-ray tomographic microscopy of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
    Dr. Jens Eller
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 20916, (2012).
    Download: 45 MB
  • Analysis of water transport in polymer electrolyte fuel cells using neutron imaging
    Dr. Pierre Oberholzer
    Nr.: 20548, ETH Zürich, (2012).
    Download: 5 MB
  • 2011

    Ortsaufgelöste Charakterisierung von Polymerelektrolyt-Brennstoffzellen in Kanal- und Stegregionen
    Dr. Steffen von Dahlen
    Nr. 20131, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 7 MB
  • Start/stopp phenomena in polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Nicolas Linse
    Nr. 20132, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 15 MB
  • Reduzierung der Platinbeladung und Imaging von Alterungsphänomenen in der Polymerelektrolyt-Brennstoffzelle Dr. Bernhard Schwanitz
    Nr. 20142, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 12 MB
  • Degradation mechanisms of electrocatalysts used in polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Anastasia Peitz
    Nr. 20133, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 28 MB
  • Elucidating the reaction mechanism of electrode materials for Li-ion batteries using in situ structural characterization Dr. Vikram Godbole
    Nr. 20007, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 56 MB
  • Electrochemical and chemical surface modification of carbons for Li-ion batteries Dr. Pallavi Verma
    Nr. 20006, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 3.4 MB
  • Model based transient analysis of polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Maurizio Zaglio
    Nr. 19992, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 17 MB
  • Influence des propriétés du graphite sur le premier cycle d'intercalation du lithium Dr. Philippe Bernardo
    Université de Haute-Alsace, (2011).
  • Ein mehrdimensionales Impedanzmodell für PEMFCs Dr. Michael H. Bayer
    Nr. 19746, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: 5.6 MB
  • Towards the reliable hybridization of electrochemical capacitors and rechargeable batteries Dr. Dario Cericola
    Nr. 19744, ETH Zürich, (2011).
    Download: Abstract
  • 2010

    Pulsed Laser Deposition zur Herstellung von Modellphasengrenzen
    für elektrochemische Untersuchungen
    Dr. Franziska Simmen
    Nr. 19092, ETH Zürich, (2010).
    Download: 47 MB
  • Anwendungen der in situ Ramanmikroskopie für Lithiumionen-Batterien Dr. Andreas Hintennach
    Nr. 19090, ETH Zürich, (2010).
    Download: Abstract
  • Investigations on radiation grafted polymer fuel cell membranes: Preparation, characterization, application Dr. Frank Wallasch
    Nr. 18925, ETH Zürich, (2010).
    Download: 48 MB
  • Untersuchung der lokalen Gasphase in Polymer-Elektrolyt-Brennstoffzellen Dr. Gabriel Schuler
    Nr. 18883, ETH Zürich, (2010).
    Download: 13 MB
  • 2009

    Oxide nanoparticles for electrodes in lithium-ion batteries
    Dr. Timothy Patey
    Nr. 18648, ETH Zürich, (2009).
    Download: 6.0 MB
  • Transport phenomena on the channel rib scale of polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Reto Flückiger
    Nr. 18509, ETH Zürich, (2009).
    Download: 8 MB
  • Simplification and Investigation of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells using Micro-patterned Glassy Carbon Flow Fields Dr. Bernhard C. Seyfang
    Nr. 18508, ETH Zürich, (2009).
    Download: 21 MB
  • Charge Storage and Aging Phenomena in Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors Dr. Patrick W. Ruch
    Nr. 18400, ETH Zürich, (2009).
    Download: Abstract
  • Advanced Characterization of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Using High Resolution Neutron Imaging. Dr. Pierre Boillat
    Nr. 18397, ETH Zürich, (2009).
    Download: 17 MB
  • Radiation grafted ETFE based membranes for fuel cells: improved mechanical and oxidative stability Dr. Hicham Ben Youcef
    Nr. 18215, ETH Zürich, (2009).
    Download: 2.7 MB
  • 2008

    Photoassisted Activation of Methane over Supported Catalysts with a Xenon Excimer Lamp
    Dr. Francois Loviat
    Nr. 18145, ETH Zürich, (2008).
    Download: 4.7 MB
  • Sub-Millimeter Resolved Measurement of Current Density and Membrane Resistance in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFC) Dr. Matthias Reum
    Nr. 17979, ETH Zürich, (2008).
    Download: 8.2 MB
  • Characterization of electrodes for Lithium-Ion batteries through electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and mas s spectrometry Dr. Fabio La Mantia
    Nr. 17848, ETH Zürich, (2008).
    Download: 4.7 MB
  • In situ synchrotron and neutron diffraction based methods for the characterization of cathodic materials for Lithium-Ion batteries. Dr. Fabio Rosciano
    Nr. 17847, ETH Zürich, (2008).
    Download: 5 MB
  • Synchrotron Radiation Grafting: A Lithographic Method to Create Polymer Micro- and Nanostructures Dr. Patrick Farquet
    Nr. 17711, ETH Zürich, (2008).
    Download: 11 MB
  • 2007

    Fabrication and characterization of micro-structured glassy carbon electrodes for miniaturized fuel cells
    Dr. Markus Kuhnke
    No. 17309, ETH Zürich, (2007).
    Download: 31 MB
  • Mass transport aspects of polymer electrolyte fuel cells under two-phase flow conditions. Dr. Denis Kramer
    Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, (2007).
    Download: 18 MB
  • Die Platinkatalysatorschicht in Polymerelektrolyt-Brennstoffzellen - Beiträge zum Verständnis und zur Optimierung Dr. Andreas Reiner
    Nr. 17127, ETH Zürich, (2007).
    Download: 11 MB
  • 2006

    Radiation grafted fuel cell membranes with improved oxidative stability
    Dr. Michal W. Slaski
    No. 16995, ETH Zürich, (2006).
    Download: 3.3 MB
  • In situ Raman microscopy of insertion electrodes for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors
    Dr. Laurence J. Hardwick
    No. 16992, ETH Zürich, (2006).
    Download: 12 MB
  • Mass and charge transfer on various relevant scales in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
    PhD Thesis No. 16991, ETH Zürich, December 2006.
    Dr. Stefan A. Freunberger
    No. 16991, ETH Zürich, (2006).
    Download: 8.8 MB
  • In situ Charakterisierung von Polymer-Elektrolyt Brennstoffzellen mittels elektrochemischer Impedanzspektroskopie Dr. Holger Kuhn
    No. 16929, ETH Zürich, (2006).
    Download: 7.7 MB
  • Investigation of current density inhomogeneities in polymer electrolyte fuel cells Dr. Marco V. Santis
    No. 16905, ETH Zürich, (2006).
    Download: 6.8 MB
  • Methanol tolerant oxygen reduction catalysts derived from transition metal oxides Dr. Nina K. Beck
    Nr. 16647, ETH Zürich, (2006).
    Download: 213 kB
  • 2005

    Perovskite thin films deposited by pulsed reactive crossed beam laser ablation as model system for electrochemical applications
    Dr. Macarena Montenegro
    ETH Zürich, ().
  • In situ Massenspektrometrie und Röntgendiffraktometrie zur Charakterisierung von Elektroden für Lithiumionen-Batterien Dr. Andreas Würsig
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 16059, (2005).
    Download: Abstract
  • Synthese von Vinylverbindungen zur Darstellung oxidationsstabiler Membranen für die Brennstoffzellenanwendung Dr. Leif Steuernagel
    ETH Zürich, Nr: 15749, (2005).
    Download: 1.7 MB
  • Investigation of dimensional changes and film morphology at graphite electrodes in aprotic solutions by in situ atomic force microscopy Dr. Flavio P. Campana
    University of Bern, (2005).
    Download: 30 MB
  • 2004

    Polymer Fuel Cells: Contributions to the understanding of CO-tolerance
    Dr. Faegheh Hajbolouri
    ETH Zürich, Nr: 15525, (2004).
    Download: 6.5 MB
  • New electroactive material for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries Dr. Andrea Piotto Piotto
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 15659, (2004).
    Download: 12 MB
  • Dynamics of the Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell: Experiments and Model-Based Analysis Paul Rodatz
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 15320, (2004).
    Download: 7.7 MB
  • Laser ablation of polymers studied by time resolved methods Dr. Marc Hauer
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 15422, (2004).
    Download: 3 MB
  • 2003

    Entwicklung eines flüssigkeitsgekühlten Polymer-Elektrolyt-Membran-Brennstoffzellenstapels mit einer Leistung von 6,5 kW
    Dr. Martin Ruge
    ETH Zürich, Nr. 14901, (2003).
    Download: 3.4 MB
  • In situ Raman-Spektroskopie und Videomikroskopie an Lithium-Ionen-Batterien Dr. Dietrich Goers
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 15344, (2003).
    Download: 31 MB
  • Entwicklung eines Brennstoffzellenstapels für portable Aggregate unterschiedlicher Leistungsbereiche Dr. Daniel Schmid
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 15066, (2003).
    Download: Abstract
  • 2002

    Die Polymer-Elektrolyt Brennstoffzelle: Charakterisierung ausgewählter Phänomene durch elektrochemische Impedanzspektroskopie
    Dr. Bernhard X. Andreaus
    EPF Lausanne, Nr.: 2598, (2002).
    Download: 2.3 MB
  • Electrocatalysis for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells: Metal Alloys and Model Systems Dr. Ursula A. Paulus
    ETH Zürich, (2002).
    Download: 1.8 MB
  • Characterization and development of direct methanol fuel cells Dr. Arne B. Geiger
    ETH Zürich, (2002).
    Download: 5.1 MB
  • Block copolymer ionomers for ion conducting membranes Dr. Chong Kyu Shin
    TU München, (2002).
  • Structural modification of Cu/ZnO-based commercial and model catalysts during methanol reforming Dr. Fabio Raimondi
    ETH Zürich, (2002).
    Download: 5.2 MB
  • 2001

    Entwicklung neuartig gebundener Kohlenstoffmaterialien für elektrische Doppeschichtkondensatorelektroden
    Dr. Roy Richner
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 14413, (2001).
    Download: 8 MB
  • Catalytic CO2 Reforming of Methane in a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Dr. Martin Kraus
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 14205, (2001).
    Download: Abstract
  • 2000

    Influence of Minerals on the Chemical Decomposition of Carbamate pesticides.
    UV Laser induced Microstructuring of Novel Polymers
    Dr. Jiang Wei
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 13856, (2000).
    Download: Abstract
  • Modulation Techniques for the Application of FTIR/DRIFT Spectroscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis Dr. Enrico E. Ortelli
    ETH Zürich, No. 13694, (2000).
    Download: 11 MB
  • Investigation of Nanoscale intercalation into graphite and carbon materials by in situ Scanning Probe Microscopy Dr. Dario Alliata
    University of Bern, (2000).
    Download: 5.1MB
  • Synthesis, Optimization and Characterization of Layered Electroactive Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries Dr. Marcello Coluccia
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 13751, (2000).
    Download: 11 MB
  • Préparation et Characterisation D'electrodes à Base de La0.6Ca0.4CoO3; Application à la Rèduction D'oxygéne en Millieu Alcalin Dr. Vincent Hermann
    EPF Lausanne, Nr.: 2181, (2000).
    Download: 9 MB
  • Operating polymer electrolyte fuel cells with reformed fuel Dr. Lorenz Gubler
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 13954, (2000).
    Download: 12 MB
  • 1999 - 1994

    Development and Characterization of Glassy Carbon Electrodes for a Bipolar Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor
    Dr. Artur Braun
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 13292, (1999).
    Download: Abstract
  • Untersuchung, Modellierung und Optimierung von positiven Elektroden für Lithium-Ionentransferbatterien Dr. Daniel Häringer
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 13237, (1999).
    Download: Abstract
  • Modifizierung und Charkterisierung von Modellelektroden zur Optimierung elektrokatalytischer Vorgänge in der Polymerelektrolyt-Brennstoffzelle Dr. Zaharias Veziridis
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 13397, (1999).
    Download: Abstract
  • Laser induced Modifications of Photopolymers and Mesophases containing Azo Chromophores Dr. Christina Hahn
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 12636, (1998).
    Download: Abstract
  • In situ Scanning Probe Microscopy Untersuchungen an elektroaktiven Materialien Dr. Pascal J. Häring
    Universität Bern, (1998).
  • Synthese und Charakterisierung von neuartigen Oxiden, Kohlenstoffverbindungen, Siliciden sowie nanostrukturierter Materialien und deren elektro- und magnetochemische Untersuchung Dr. Michael Spahr
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 12281, (1997).
    Download: Abstract
  • Eximerlaser-Ablation von Polymeren und photochemsiche Untersuchungen an Modellsubstanzen Dr. Thilo Kunz
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 12076, (1997).
    Download: Abstract
  • Étude d’une batterie zinc-O2 recharchable selon une configuration bipolaire Dr. Christian Schlatter
    EPF Lausanne, Nr. 1486, (1996).
    Download: 6 MB
  • Synthesen, elektrochemische, strukturelle und spektroskopische Untersuchungen zu Elektrodenmaterialien für Ionentransferbatterien Dr. Felix B. Joho
    ETH Zürich, Nr. 11745, (1996).
    Download: Abstract
  • Untersuchungen zur Grenzfläche Elektrode/Polymerelektrolyt in der Polymerelektrolyt-Brennstoffzelle Dr. Markus W. Staub
    ETH Zürich, Nr.: 11285, (1996).
    Download: Abstract
  • Anodische Oxidation von Reinstaluminium in sauren Elektrolyten Dr. Bernhard Schnyder
    Universität Fribourg, Nr. 1073, (1994).
    Download: 15 MB