About CPE

Our expertise

  • Developing high-pressure processes for the hydrothermal gasification of organic wastes and biomass to synthetic natural gas (SNG) and hydrogen.
  • Studying chemical conversions in sub- and supercritical water.
  • Studying lignin chemistry towards its depolymerization to valuable chemicals.
  • Developing heterogeneous catalysts for catalytic partial oxidation (CPOX), autothermal reforming (ATR), preferential CO oxidation (PROX), and hydrothermal gasification (SCWG).
  • Screening, characterizing and testing of commercial and proprietary catalysts at transient or steady-state conditions using advanced in-situ and ex-situ methods.
  • Modeling of catalytic reactions and reactors (kinetics, heat and mass transfer)

Our achievements

  • Development of a noble metal-based catalyst for low temperature (< 700°C) autothermal reforming (ATR) of gasoline to hydrogen.
  • Development of a PROX catalyst for converting CO to CO2 in the presence of hydrogen (4 vol% CO to < 40 ppmv in one step).
  • Successful demonstration of the “shift-less” ATR concept for the on-board production of electricity from gasoline using an ATR-PROX-PE Fuel Cell link-up.
  • Tar- and coke-free gasification of wood sawdust to a methane-rich gas (SNG) in one step via catalytic hydrothermal gasification.
  • Development of a plate reactor for controlling highly exo- and endothermic reactions.
  • Development of an optically accessible channel reactor for measuring surface temperatures and concentration profiles along a catalyst plate.