About CPE

  • Developing high-pressure processes for the hydrothermal valorization of organic wastes and biomass to synthetic natural gas (SNG), liquid fuels, or biochar.
  • Studying chemical conversions in sub- and supercritical water.
  • Studying lignin chemistry towards its depolymerization to valuable chemicals.
  • Developing, characterizing, and testing catalysts for bioenergy processes.
  • Modeling of catalytic reactions and reactors (kinetics, heat and mass transfer)

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  • Development of a catalytic hydrothermal gasification process from TRL 1 to 6.
  • Erection of a pilot plant for the catalytic hydrothermal gasification process.
  • In-situ observation of a ruthenium catalyst under supercritical water conditions.
  • In-situ observation of salt precipitation from supercritical water.
  • Development of an optically accessible channel reactor for measuring surface temperatures and concentration profiles along a catalyst plate.