Terms of Use for the PSI large scale user facilities

0. Introduction

The Paul Scherrer Institute operates five large scale user facilities on site. Those are:
  • the synchrotron light source SLS
  • the X-ray free electron laser facility SwissFEL
  • the continuous spallation neutron source SINQ
  • the Swiss muon source SμS
  • the facilities for Particle Physics including a source for ultracold neutrons UCN and a proton irradiation facility PIF

It is mandatory that every person who makes use of or works at the PSI large scale facilities and its installations, experiments or beam lines complies to our terms of use below!

1. Safety regulations

You must observe the PSI safety regulations applicable during any stay at PSI. Each visitor of one of the facilities mentioned above needs to pass an online safety training every two years. In addition it is required that each team leader of an experimental group signs the safety declaration form after having received the specific introduction by the PSI local contact.

2. True information

All specifications made during the registration in the PSI Digital User Office DUO, during the proposal submission or later must be certainly true to the best of your knowledge. The samples that will be investigated during the experiment must correspond to sample declarations in the proposal. Any deviation must be declared to the local contact or the facility management well ahead of the experiment.

3. Good scientific practice

You need to respect the PSI guidelines for research integrity and good scientific practice.

4. IT resources

You must comply to the directive about use and monitoring of IT resources at PSI.

5. Data policy

PSI has defined a data policy for research data according to the principles of "transparency" and "open data". It pertains to the ownership of, the curation of and access to experimental data and Metadata collected and/or stored by PSI research infrastructure. Acceptance of this policy is one condition for the award of access to the PSI research infrastructures and also a binding part of each PSI employment agreement.

6. Publication policy

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled by publications based on experiments at the different user facilities of PSI. You are therefore obliged to read and follow our publication policies linked below:

7. Insurance cover

You must take out your own illness and accident insurance (e.g. through travel insurance if not insured by your home institute or employer). You are not entitled to insurance or social security benefits from PSI.

8. Additional regulations

The agreement on further regulations is mandatory in special cases, e.g. if access is required to

Contact: PSI User Office, email: useroffice@psi.ch, phone: +41-56-310-4666