Results of experiments at SLS

Guidelines for Publications

All publications that are produced based on results obtained at SLS should be registered by the aid of the Digital User Office DUO. Please follow the link 'Register Publications' from the DUO main menu. The number of paper citations will be taken as a measure of the impact of the SLS, which will influence the future financial support the facility receives.

Requirements for SLS Publications

Any publication resulting from a SLS beamtime project should include the beamline/instrument responsible as co-author.

At least the authors must mention Paul Scherrer Institut, SLS, the instrument and the beamline/station support in the acknowledgement, for example in the form:

"We acknowledge the Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland for provision of synchrotron radiation beamtime at beamline ### of the SLS and would like to thank xyz for assistance."

SLS publications supported under CALIPSO, BioStruct-X (EU-FP7), and ESMI

In addition, following the EU funding guidelines, those papers which are based on results obtained from an experiment supported by the EU CALIPSO/Biostruct-X/ESMI access program must contain the following sentence:
"The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n.°312284 (for CALIPSO), n.°283570 (for BioStruct-X) or n.°262348 (for ESMI)."
Please contact us if including this text is an issue with the journal editor.

End of run form / Feedback

The facility and beamline management is very much interested in getting feedback from the users on the performance of the experimental environment of the SLS. For that, we ask you to fill out the End of Run Form at the end of each experiment. Fill out 'End of Run Form'

Data analysis

It is expected that for the final evaluation the experimental data are taken back to the home institution . Especially in case of larger datasets, users are advised to discuss the details with the beamline scientists.

Experimental Report

It is expected that the results from a measurement at an SLS beamline are published in one of the standard journals of the field.

In order to fill the time gap between measurement and publication, the main author of a proposal (proposer) is asked to submit a short (1-2p) Experimental Report within few months after the experiment, at latest as input to the next proposal. This Experimental Report should contain preliminary information about the measurement describing what has been measured and what are the results expected.

This report is stored in the DUO database together with the other proposal information and will be available to the Proposal Review Committee fort ranking future proposals from authors of this group.

Enter an Experimental Report