On Arrival Instructions

Check-In at PSI

Please contact the reception of PSI West and ask for your badge and the key for your room in the guesthouse. If you arrive out of office hours (Mon-Fri 07:45 - 17:00) please pick up the phone at the entrance and call the security guard (phone number: 8350).

Tutorial on safety / radiation protection at PSI

Every two years the PSI safety training course has to be refreshed. The PC based training is located in the main building of PSI West WHGA in front of the library (please follow the signs). Further details will be given at the PSI reception. After passing the couse successfully you can pick up your dosimeter and start your experiment.

Users can perform the PC training already in advance. Please visit the website of the PSI radiation protection school and follow the link 'Interactive Radiation safety introduction program' to start the powerpoint file. Please also have a look on the safety instructions and guidelines.

Points of interest at PSI

Maybe this map of PSI helps you to find your way to the various facilities on the campus.

Help on computing

If you face any problem regarding computing during your stay at PSI please contact the PSI computing helpdesk.


The PSI user office holds a pool of bicycles for users of the PSI facilities. A bike will make your stay at PSI more comfortable and you will be able to easily reach the neighbouring villages like Villigen, Würenlingen or even Brugg to do some shopping. If you wish to borrow a bike (no costs, just a deposit of CHF 50,-) please contact the user office (call 4666) upon arrival or send an email to us. Please note that the maximum duration for renting a bicycle is 2 weeks.

Food and catering

The PSI restaurant "OASE" is open from Mon-Fri over lunch and between 5-8 p.m. in the evenings. In addition there is the Cafeteria "Time Out" on the campus of PSI West offering fresh food and sandwich lunches during and food from vending machines out of office hours. Please note that the PSI restaurants do not accept any credit cards. Instead you can pay cash (CHF or EUR) or you may upload your PSI badge with Swiss Francs.
In addition a Pizza service is available during the weekends between 11:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and 5:30-9:00 p.m. Fresh Pizza can be ordered using the following Swiss mobile phone number: +41-76-568 1078.