SLS Machine parameters

Machine Parameters  
Ring energy 2.4 GeV
Ring current 400 mA

TOMCAT Source Characteristics

TOMCAT gets its X-ray photons from a 2.9 Tesla superbending magnet. This leads to a critical energy of 11.1 keV, which is much higher than the 5.4 keV of the normal bending magnets installed in the SLS ring. As a result, the flux at high energies is increased dramatically, as shown in the following figure.
The most relevant source parameters are summarized below:
Source parameters  
Magnetic Field 2.9 T
Critical Energy 11.1 keV / 0.112 nm
Electron source size (h, v) 108 μm , 38 μm (FWHM)
Electron source divergence (h, v) 256 μrad, 38 μrad (FWHM)
Photon source size (h, v) [1] 140 μm, 45 μm (FWHM)
Photon source divergence (tailored by aperture) (h, v) 2mrad (top-hat), 0.6 mrad (FWHM)

  1. G. Lovrić, P. Oberta, I. Mohacsi, M. Stampanoni, and R. Mokso, "A robust tool for photon source geometry measurements using the fractional Talbot effect". Optics Express 22, 2745 (2014). DOI: 10.1364/OE.22.002745