SLS Machine parameters

Machine Parameters  
Ring energy 2.4 GeV
Ring current 400 mA

TOMCAT Source Characteristics

TOMCAT gets its X-ray photons from a 2.9 Tesla superbending magnet. This leads to a critical energy of 11.1 keV, which is much higher than the 5.4 keV of the normal bending magnets installed in the SLS ring. As a result, the flux at high energies is increased dramatically, as shown in the following figure.
The most relevant source parameters are summarized below:
Source parameters  
Magnetic Field 2.9 T
Critical Energy 11.1 keV / 0.112 nm
Electron source size 46 μm , 16 μm
Electron source divergence 109 μrad, 16 μrad
Photon source size 53 μm, 16 μm
Photon source divergence (tailored by aperture) 2mrad, 0.6 mrad