Teaching and Education

Schools, training courses

Annually NUM organizes the PSI summer school on condensed matter research (together with the SYN division) and the PSI summer school on particle physics. Both schools are addressed to the education of scientists on the PhD and Post Doc level and are fully open to the national and non-national public. We are partner in the Ersamus Mundus Program MaMaSELF and provide numerous training courses for ETH Zürich, the university of Basel, the PSI Master School in Condensed Matter and for Risø National Laboratory in Denmark. In addition to the Master school mentioned above also a dedicated powder diffraction school is organized (again in cooperation with the SYN division).

Master and PhD students

The NUM division offers a lot of positions for Master and PhD students in the various laboratories and divisions. Please have a look at the actual job openings. NUM related positions start with a "3" as first digit of the index number. For further information please contact us.

Seminars and colloquia

The seminars organized by NUM can be found in the PSI event calendar. In addition the NUM and the SYN division organize the dedicated condensed matter colloquium.


Many of our staff members do give lectures at various universities. Below please find a summary of those:
NUM unit Name Title of the lecture University
NUM Prof. Dr. C. Rüegg Master and PhD Program University of Geneva
LNS Prof. Dr. C. Niedermayer Kern- und Elementarteilchenphysik University of Konstanz, DE
LNS Dr. J. Schefer Neutron Scattering Erasmus Mundus Master School - MaMaSELF
LTP Prof. Dr. K. Kirch Nuclear and Particle Physics with Applications ETH Zurich
    Physik II ETH Zurich
LTP PD Dr. M. Spira Colloquia in Elementary Particle Physics PSI
    Phänomenologie der Physik jenseits des Standardmodells ETH Zurich
CMT PD Dr. C. Mudry Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics ETH Zurich / spring semester