Dr. Peter Alpert

photo of Peter Alpert Post-Doc
Surface Chemistry

Paul Scherrer Institute
5232 Villigen PSI

Telephone: +41 56 310 3934
E-mail: peter.alpert@psi.ch

Research activities / Special interests

Environmental micro-reactor for atmospheric chemistry and physics

Peter A. Alpert
Organic particles can be highly viscous in air that is dry and cold. Therefore, it is important to quantify limitations of gases through organic materials as a function of temperature and relative humidity to better understand chemical and physical process involving atmospheric aerosol particles. Using state of the art spectro-microscopic techniques at the Swiss Light Source with the development of a new environmental micro-reactor, I investigate molecular diffusion of water vapor, ozone and other reactive gasses through organic particles less than 1 micrometer in diameter. At cold temperatures and low humidity, I expect that chemical reactions are limited to particle surfaces and microphysical processes such as ice nucleation and water condensation are altered.